How to Sell Your Car Quickly?

Usually, spring is considered the best time to sell a car. There is always a downturn in the summer, but the coronavirus could have changed everything last years.

About 40% of car owners prefer to sell the car on their own. Some of them, according to surveys, do not trust potential buyers. Car owners, as a rule, sell cars through aggregator sites, and many publish ads on several sites.

Sell through an intermediary is another fast, but far from the most profitable way to sell a car. Many intermediaries offer to buy your car in the shortest possible time. But at what cost?

The car will most likely be valued below its real value. They also charge a service fee. In addition to saving time, there is no benefit in this, especially if the price of the vehicle being sold is low.

What is Autotempest?

AutoTempest is an online car ad aggregator. AutoTempest search site lets potential sellers and buyers scan through various platforms and get results without the need to browse across multiply websites, forums and marketplaces.

The main advantage of such aggregators is providing the seller and the buyer with the opportunity to save time and help them find the perfect car that meets all requested parameters.

AutoTempest adds links not only to its partner websites and platforms but also to Facebook Marketplace, for example. Currently, the AutoTempest exists not only as a web-based online platform but also as a smartphone app for both iPhones and Android phones.

How does AutoTempest work?

AutoTempest helps to carry out searches within specified geolocation and filter searches for those who looking for a very specific vehicle. The search process is not complicated at all, just need to enter a car model and mark, your zip code, and the distance you are willing to travel from your actual location to acquire the potential car.

You also can filter your search results by using the advanced search and filling in other suggested fields. The system also lets filter your search results by prices, mileage, color, fuel, transmission, and more.

AutoTempest simplifies the search process and allows a potential buyer to search directly across the most popular auto market platforms such as Carvana,, or Cars & Bids.

Benefits of using AutoTempest

The main benefit is that instead of having to open a lot of tabs in the browser, filling online forms with vehicle parameters over and over again on different websites and then switching between tabs trying to figure out which ones are really cheaper, AutoTempest does all the work for you.

The site is very user-friendly and easy to navigate. Even a newbie can quickly find basic or advanced search features, get results, and get redirected to the website where the vehicle is listed.

AutoTempest collects all the results in one search which saves your time and helps you to find the perfect vehicle.


How quickly will my car sell through an aggregator site? You can predict the sale period in advance if you monitor the situation in the secondary car market. As practice shows, even popular models have unpopular configurations.

How to sell a car correctly and safely? To protect yourself, make appointments with potential buyers in crowded places where the territory is clearly visible, including video cameras. Take somebody else with you. If the buyer asks for a ride, ask a friend to go with you as a passenger.