How to Simplify Your Wedding Planning: 7 Easy Tips

Have you ever heard of bridezillas? It is all about the stress that gets piled up during the wedding. Most of us either try to plan everything on our own or look for professional help when planning a wedding.

There are many things one needs to take care of while planning the wedding. Hence most of the time, we always are under pressure about the proper execution of things, especially the brides. They always think of what if something goes wrong on the wedding day itself. But there are few ways that one can consider while simply planning the wedding. Here is the list.

Don’t DIY

Most of you must be good at DIYs. It always saves a good amount of money and lets you do the projects at home. But the wedding is certainly not the best time to experiment with your DIY’s.

Let’s take the example of flowers. You might be good at flower arrangements or various DIY techniques of flower decorations. But instead of spending hours and efforts on those experiments, you can certainly take help from professionals. The preserved roses have become a new thing now when it comes to decor. Hence make sure you completely utilize these options and make your wedding simplified.

Do Not take control

You might not have hired a wedding planner or coordinator for some of the other reasons. But that does not mean that you would roam around everywhere to check on things at your wedding.

You always need to look your best on your special day. Hence make sure to hand over this responsibility to any of your friends or relatives who can take care of it in a better way.

Getting ready and staying fresh are two things you need to focus on that day. We do not recommend giving this responsibility to your close family members like your mom or dad, who can easily get distracted by other things.

Try the sweetheart table

This could be the simplest thing that you can think of. Generally, when you plan to put the head table for the bridal party, you always end up seeing it full once you come and meet everyone.

You always wish it should be partially empty. Hence you can always consider arranging the sweetheart table, which will let you play around with the space. Here you can get a table only for you and your loved ones. Your other significant family members will have their tables to enjoy the party.

Be decisive

If you are not a decisive individual, then this one’s for you. We understand that making the right decision could be challenging at times. One needs to consider various factors while working on that decision. This applies to your wedding planning also.

You might be worried or thinking about the preparation, arrangement, decor, and everything. But your guests are not going to worry and remember about all these things. They are not going to remember the food, the flower decoration, or the venue you choose. Hence make sure to work with your own choices and decisions rather than thinking about others.

Do not run behind small stuff

It is pretty easy to get stuck in small stuff during the wedding. You might have hundreds of questions and doubts in your mind about the preparations and arrangement. But remember that no wedding can go exactly as per the plan. Do not expect that the wedding will be the same as your expectations. Make sure to choose the stuff or the décor items according to your style.

Do Not focus on the seating chart

This is the most common advice that most experts give to families and couples. You never know who can turn up at the last moment at your wedding. Hence make sure not to prepare any seating chart and let people sit as per the space available in the hall.

Pick a suitable colour palette

It is good to play around with the colours on your special day, but you certainly do not wish to create a rainbow on that day. Hence make sure to choose the right colour palette depending upon the theme rather than using any random colours.