How to Spool a Spinning Reel? – Easy & Effective Way of Spooling

How you spool the line into the reel matters a lot. Many beginners do it wrong, what they do is just try to wrap the line around the spool. But there is more to it.

However, if you are a beginner and don’t know how to spool a spinning reel, let me tell you, it is simple. Spooling a line into a spinning reel isn’t a tough job at all. You just need to have little knowledge of it.

In this very guide, I am going to show you the easiest way that you use to spool a spinning reel.

Things that are needed 

  • Fishing line.
  • A line cutter or Scissor would work.
  • Fishing reel.
  • Any tape.
  • Rubber band.

Make sure you invest in a spinning reel that will crank extremely smooth, you don’t want to deal with a jammed spool. For beginners, there are a lot of affordable options that offer decent value for the price. In case you are interested, Richard Francis has made an in-depth guide on top-quality spinning reels under 100 bucks, make sure to check.

Spooling Process

Step 1

Hold the reel exactly as you would do if you were fishing. And turn the wheel 2 – 3 times so check if the reel turns anti-clockwise or clockwise. If you don’t know which way the reel turns you won’t be able to spool the line in for an obvious reason. If the reel isn’t mounted to the rod, then you would hold the reel by wrapping your fingers around the reel mount. You will have to find a comfortable grip.

Step 2

The bait is that wire over the spool which can be flipped open and closed. If you pull that up, that is open and when it down it is closed. First, you will need to open the bail and if there is any old line on the spool, you would want to get rid of that.

Guide the line end through the rod guides. In case you don’t know, rod guides are the small holes that are attached to the rod from up to bottom. You will have to guide the line through these guides, start from the rod tip small guide.

Step 3

Guide the line from the tip of the rod to the reel spool. Make an arbor knot to secure the line with the spool and get rid of the extra line, use a cutter. Put the reel down the label facing up. When spooling the line you will have to keep in mind that, the way the line is getting in, it should get off in the same way. So there shouldn’t be any line twisting at all.

When the spool is flat down on the label facing up position if the line gets twisted then or doesn’t line up in the right manner, flip the spool over and then try.

Step 4

Pinch the line 5 – 10-inch away from the reel. The line should go to the spool through your pinch. You don’t want to pinch too tight nor too loose, put enough pressure so that the line can move to keep a decent tension. When there is tension when spooling, the line will line up better. And that will prevent line tangling later.

Step 5

When spooling the line, crank slowly. After every 20 rounds of cranking, stop and check if the line is twisted anywhere. If there is any, then pull the line off and then spool again rightly. You should not overfill the spool and nor you should keep it underfilled. Keep spooling in the line until the distance between the spool and the rim is 0.32 cm.

Step 6

Leave little line outside of the rod tip and that is for attaching the lure, hook, bait, etc. And after you are done spooling the line, attach tape on the spool over the line, so that the line wouldn’t come off automatically. And use a rubber band to keep the line from coming off the rod guide.


See? Isn’t that very simple? If you are still feeling intimidating, I assure you just get into it, you will do just fine. Just make sure to follow the exact guidelines.