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How To Start Your Own Small Business This Year 2020

Do you plan on starting a new business coming the year 2020? Try considering a bobblehead business. Bobblehead is a figurine that is a small collectible figure with a vast or large head that is not proportioned and is attached on a spring so that it will move up and down repeatedly. It is usually made as a mimic of a person.

Having a business is what you intend to build a brand. The essential part of your brand is the logo, name, and slogan. As the owner of the business, you must know beforehand on what idea you want to plan to your target market.

There are numerous ways that you could use bobbleheads toys. Custom bobbleheads could be used to expand or promote your business. Many companies have owed their success and hit in using customized bobbleheads in their business as a promotion. You can do it too. In using customized figurines as your promotion for the product or the same endeavors, you require to have a good plan in place. Remember that bobbleheads need an average investment on your part, you must guarantee that you have to disburse your money or finance wisely.

Considering this kind of business, you may be considering buying in bulk from the supplier so you can save a lot. You can start marketing your these to your family, relatives, friends, and colleagues. Collect their photos and enhance them digitally, then send to your supplier and sell them. These caricature sculptures have a massive appeal for pet owners and collectors. Collectors have a desire to continue to have more bobbleheads of what they are collecting, regardless of the fact that most of the pet owners are so fanatic to possess the similarity of their lovely pets captured everywhere in their place. From keychains to stickers, to bobbleheads, these people would explicitly snap up a different portrait of their pets or idols. What would stop you from offering what would they really want, in any case, it is in the form of bobbleheads?


Like starting a new business, you need to make a lot of decisions. Like, what working environment you would prefer? Would you wish to work from home or to lease space? How will you reach your target market?  You may be considering some of these questions before starting this kind of business.

If you will start in a small budget or capital, it is wise to not in a hurry and begin first from home. Operating from home allows you to save some expenses like the rental of rates of the space and overhead costs. Aside from that, your hours can be long and flexible, and you can even work part-time.

If you choose to rent a space, you need to consider renting near your target customers. If you want to target some business sectors or companies, try looking at an area near the corporate world. A good and excellent location must be accessible and easy to find, and affordable that meets your budget.

You also consider having a website for your business. In that way, you can reach more people and more target market and maybe more sales to come.

Customized Bobblehead

Custom made is one of the fast-growing, and it increases the market of your business. A custom personalized bobblehead will let you express yourself. It can be a fantastic gift not only for young children but also for everybody. You can collect and display them at home or even to your office.

Cherish the memories with made to order bobblehead from photos. Remember, during your childhood days, the important events in your life. The first achievement you make, the first game you have watched — all the celebrations or occasions. It is not just a mimic of yourself, friends, family, and relatives. Also, it can be a good give away items to your colleagues. I am pretty sure they will love it. It is still unique if the gifts you will give to the person important to you . are created or bought the customized or personalized gift by the person by the one who gives it. Lovely, isn’t it? Technology nowadays can do a lot that is so advance every single day makes our lives easier and happy as well. Some online sellers are engaging the market today with creative, funny looking, and unique products. Figurines like bobbleheads are suitable for everybody. You can also make mimic the superheroes by customizing these products.  Click here for more ideas about bobbleheads.

Inventory Of Stocks

Your stocks should increase as your sales increase too.  Although, it is wise to start a few stocks, keeping your stocks on a realistic level.  It is best for you to buy them at a wholesale price.  And you must always keep an eye on your stocks if you think it is not enough already in a few days maybe you can order again before your products will be out of stock.


When setting the price, make sure it covers your labor cost; your profit, materials, and merchandise cost also includes the percentage of your total overhead cost and your other expenses you may incur. Add also the time you require to make the package or box before handing it to the customer before sending it to the buyer.  And not forget to include the cost of the shipping fee or shipping charges that the freight company charges you to deliver the item to the mailing address of your buyer.

To show you on price setting, it is frequently useful to check the prices of the other seller near you or within your area to make sure your price is not too low and not too high.  If your competitor’s price is much lower than yours, find other ways that you can reduce the price of your product is comparable to your competitors so that your target market will patronize your product.  But be careful not to attract price war with the other sellers.