How to Stay on Budget during Your Las Vegas Trip

Las Vegas is probably one of the most popular places to splurge and experience the high-life. It’s the go-to place to visit luxurious restaurants, clubs, museums, and hotels with unique themes. Each theme imitates most of the famous places all around the world. You can see all of them as you stroll around the streets of Las Vegas and throughout the whole city. Las Vegas is also known for its huge casinos. Tourists from all across the world will gather in this city to experience the different casinos here.

Casinos, grand hotels, luxurious restaurants, huge parties, all of these make people stereotype Las Vegas as an expensive place to visit. That is just a misconception, and your Las Vegas trip doesn’t need to be expensive. You can even visit Las Vegas for under $100 per day. There are plenty of cheap things to do in Vegas, and you can even do some exciting stuff for free. If you manage to get the timing perfectly, you can experience expensive hotels at just an affordable price. You can even work your way into some fancy nightclubs and restaurants.

Here are some tips on how to stay on a budget during your Las Vegas Trip:

Find a cheap flight to Las Vegas

The first thing that you must do is to look for cheap flights. You can look up for discounts or even ordinary planes. It doesn’t matter how you got there. The important thing is that you will arrive at your destination safely and peacefully. Usually, flights are cheaper on weekdays, but you’ll find bigger discounts on Tuesdays and Wednesdays most of the time.

Don’t bring your car

Bringing your car with you is unnecessary, especially when you plan to spend your days in Vegas on the strip and downtown. If you have your car with you, you should be worried about the parking fees. The average parking fees in Vegas runs around $15 – $25 per day. You can use free shuttles or free rides when you want to travel from the airport to your booked hotels. But if you think bringing your car lets you enjoy Vegas more, then you can either find a hotel that has reasonable parking rates, stay at an Airbnb with free parking benefits, or look for public free parking lots.

Use cheaper public transportation to travel around the city

Las Vegas is huge, especially the strip. You will have to travel 4.5 miles if you want to go from end to end. You can’t just simply walk your way to Vegas. You have to look for transportations. The first thing to know when you plan on commuting is to avoid taxis. Taxis are overpriced and will take advantage of tourists by taking the long ways to increase that meter. Go for a Lyft or an Uber instead because you would know the amount, and the prices are fixed.

You can also take a double-decker bus called the deuce. This is the cheapest way to get to your destination because this mode of public transportation only needs $6 per person. Plus, you should really experience it once in a while while you’re at it.

Look for affordable accommodation

If you are traveling in a busy time, looking for hotel rooms would be difficult. If you want to look for cheap hotels, then weekdays would be a great time to look for one. There are many hotels in Las Vegas, and some of them are cheap yet classy. You just need to really dig up and take time looking for one. Airbnb’s are relatively inexpensive as well, and they have more perks than staying in a hotel.

Choose the dates of your trip to Vegas wisely

Everybody knows that Las Vegas is filled with people from different parts of the world during the weekends, especially holidays. The prices in basically everything you want in Las Vegas will increase 2 times during these times. To avoid that, you must visit Las Vegas on weekdays or visit on Saturday, then go home on Monday. Try to avoid dates that have conventions or huge events, unless you’re attending one because hotels are most likely fully booked or have tripled their room rates.

Create a budget plan and track your expenses

Have a budget plan before going on the trip. You have to track your expenses to monitor where your money went and how much you have left. Restaurants can be really expensive in Las Vegas, but you can try treating yourself there for dinner, then for the rest of the days, you can cook or search for great and inexpensive cafes nearby. Have fun while at the same time be money-wise. Be sure that you have enough to spend on entertainment and leisure activities while ensuring that you’ll go home at peace, not in debt.