How to train your dog?

Raising a puppy is one of the most favourite activities for many people across the globe. After all, the dog is the human’s best friend. Affection is the most significant return one can get from raising a dog. A funny dog id tag is the best thing you can get for them. Having interactive pets at home can be highly beneficial for one’s mental health.

However, a dog can be a burden if not trained properly. Without the right training, your house can get messy and hence it is ideal to train your dog well. In this blog, we shall only concentrate on some of the most basic training ideas for your furry one.

1- Obedience training

One of the first things to consider when raising a dog is obedience. Huge dogs tend to be very aggressive. Their aggression can be towards their owners, children, strangers, and so on. It is needless to say that they should be well-groomed with proper obedience training.

2- Socialisation training

Dogs that do not go along with other dogs in their vicinity can be aggressive towards them. Even if they are indifferent, their passiveness can turn out to be unhealthy. They may eventually display violence or become disinterested in regular activities.

Socialization training involves being interactive and comfy with other dogs, other pets, and humans as well.

3- Potty training

Dog waste can be too messy to deal with. If your dog defecates inside the house, on the floor, then it will not only cause a mess, but it will even spoil the atmosphere. Just imagine how inconvenient it can be if your rug gets soiled.

Potty training is a must for all dog owners.

4- Leash training

Dogs are not good home-dwellers; they tend to lose their cool if they are always confined within walls. Taking them outside the home is also necessary to ensure good health for the dog.

Dog-walking is incomplete without tying a leash to your dog’s neck. It may seem simple; however, it requires some amount of training.

How to train the dog with each of these training types?

Although the number of training types necessary for the dog’s proper upbringing seems too many, the basic idea is the same. Below are some ways of training your dog for any task you wish.

Conditioning is the most basic way of training; it involves giving a reward, particularly food or caress. This means you, first of all, don’t over-pamper your dog. The most preferred food items for your dog should be given only if they follow your training commands.

Secondly, if your dog does not work as per your wish, then give slight and not too intensive punishment.

Make sure to reward your dog regularly as and when you see the right outcomes, then reward them at random frequency.

For example, if you want your dog to sit on a dog litter, then give it the reward food item regularly in the beginning while persuading it to do so, and once sitting on the litter becomes a regular act, make the frequency random.