How to Transform Your Back Yard for Summer 2021

Summer 2021 may be a long way off but it gives you plenty of time to start planning a garden renovation. That way, when the days grow longer and the temperature rises once again, you can make the most of your glorious new backyard and all of its amenities. Read on for some great ideas if you are stuck for inspiration.

Redesign Your Swimming Pool

Lots of homes have a swimming pool these days, but many are a boring rectangular design, which is hardly inspiring. If your pool has seen better days, why not transform it with a new design, attractive lighting, and more?

Look for pool builders near you to help you with the design and construction process. Add extra features, such as a plunge pool or a seating area in one corner. Custom pools are a great feature in any backyard, and can easily add value to your property.

Gazebo Seating Area

Back yards are meant to be enjoyed, whatever the weather. A gazebo provides much-needed shade on a hot day, and this is a project you can tackle yourself if you have some DIY experience.

Timber gazebos can be bought as a kit or built from scratch. They make a great addition to a pool area, as you can relax on a sun lounger in the shade while the kids splash around in the water. Build your gazebo adjacent to a wall and use this as a decorative feature – plan a cool mosaic for the wall and plant ferns and creepers around the edges of the gazebo, to add extra privacy and shade.

Accessorize your new gazebo with some stylish garden furniture, such as outdoor sofas and sun loungers.

Outdoor Kitchen

Outdoor kitchens are super popular these days, especially with families that love to entertain in the summer. Build a sheltered patio area to construct your outdoor kitchen. A stone-built BBQ with a food preparation area and sink is a good start, but you can add extras like a pizza oven and wine chiller if you have plans to do a lot of entertaining.

Incorporate a seating area, so you can prepare food while your guests relax, chat, and enjoy good wine and beer. Stone or timber benches are a nice touch, as these can stay out all year round and won’t be affected by the weather. Decorate them with pretty cushions and throws on cool evenings.

Garden Lighting

Attractive lighting can utterly transform a relatively plain garden. You can highlight features, illuminate walkways, and ensure the party doesn’t need to stop when the sun goes down.

Mix and match different types of lighting. In-ground pools benefit from bespoke lighting schemes whereas solar string lights are a low-cost solution for gazebos and trees. Plan your lighting carefully, using different colors and styles to maximize the garden’s ambiance.

Finally, look at your planting scheme and see if there are any improvements you can make. Introduce some extra color in a shady area and invest in pots and planters for a patio or decking area. Small details like this make all the difference.