How to Travel Cheaper: Best Ways to See the World for Less

Our amazing planet has what seems like an infinite number of gorgeous places, whether they are hidden gems, or popular, exotic locations. We all dream of visiting at least a few, but sometimes our bucket list grows bigger by the day. What if a service provider, like Worldventures, would give a hand?

Why them? Because most of us, besides simply wishing to travel more, would like to do it without huge expenses. We look for affordable accommodation, flights, local attractions. Services that add them all to the same pack are what we tend to appreciate most.

Travelling on a Budget

Other important expenses seem to often scare us and discourage us from enjoying the simple pleasures of life, such as traveling. Rents, bills, car insurance or student loans are just a few of them. But what if saving just a little amount of money at a time could solve this issue? How about building a lovely vacation on a tight budget?

Those who are most likely to travel on a budget are usually students and other young people, but families aren’t excluded either. Traveling as a group has the advantage of cost sharing, such as renting an apartment or car together. In some cases, discounts can be obtained for group bus or train tickets.

There are many ways to get your hands on different kinds of bargains. One thing which can help save a lot of money is the way you choose transportation. Plane tickets are cheaper during certain months of the year or depending on the airline company providing them. If possible, one might also choose riding a bus instead of flying.

Especially if you’re quite young, but not only, travelling can revolve around another activity which you’re willing to undertake. For example, you can take a dream trip while also volunteering or working in that certain country. Remote, online jobs are also an option.

Tips for Budget Travelers

If in need of a helpful list of budget travel tips, stick around and look below:

  • Subscribe to a website which sends notifications whenever airline companies have sales or make typos in their flights’ prices. You might end up getting a return ticket from the United States to the Czech Republic for 300 USD.
  • Choose low-cost airlines if you want to, but be careful when it comes to additional fees. Any extra bit of comfort you ask for won’t be free.
  • Tickets can be a lot cheaper if purchased months in advance, and sometimes last minute. Also, flights that happen midweek are more affordable than those during the weekend.
  • In case you’re flying often and it’s your preferred way of transportation, get yourself one of those cards that let you accumulate miles or points. Those can be used later for cheaper or even free flights and hotels.
  • When possible, choose buses or carpooling. Aside from being cheaper, they let you enjoy more of the local sights.
  • Choose accommodation wisely. Hotels can be quite expensive most of the time. Stay in hostels, Airbnb or even rented apartments if your holiday is longer than a few days.
  • Be willing to share. When travelling with friends, accommodation can get a lot cheaper.
  • If traveling alone, couchsurfing is a good option of living with locals, making new friends.
  • Although it’s easier to grab a taxi, using public transportation in the city you’re visiting will prove less of an attack on your budget. That, along with walking, can be one of the ways of getting closer to local culture.
  • Save money by not eating out for every single meal, get supermarket food sometimes and cook for yourself in the hostel kitchen.
  • You’ll want to eat out and taste local food, but try to avoid restaurants in the city center or touristic places. Grab a bite from street food vendors or non-central neighborhoods. Ask locals for recommendations.
  • Try to avoid foreign transaction fees. For that, you’ll have to make a smart choice when it comes to bank cards. Pick those with lower exchange and ATM charges.
  • It’s not necessary to visit all the expensive museums. There are loads of free tours you can take, or you can buy tickets that provide an entrance to more than one place.
  • Choose to travel outside of peak seasons. Since places aren’t filled with tourists at those times, hotels, restaurants and even museums might lower their prices.
  • Sometimes getting a package that includes flights, accommodation, meals and so on might be the best deal. Sign up for services that will find the best budget travel offers for you. For example, you can opt-in for the DreamTrips membership provided by Worldventures.
  • If you have the opportunity, travel while volunteering. That might cover accommodation, meals, transport, and you’ll feel you deserve it by doing something good for the community.
  • Get a part-time job, sign up for an internship abroad or work remotely as a freelancer to pay for some of your expenses. You could join Worldventures as a representative and enjoy the perks of their budget travel bargains.

We hope that your dream of traveling to gorgeous, distant places now feels closer than ever to being accomplished. Strategies for traveling on a budget are numerous, and we don’t expect to have covered them all in our list of tips. They can get you started, and you’ll surely learn loads more from personal experience. Most of all, don’t forget to have fun and enjoy!