How to Unclip Peloton Shoes: Absolute Beginner Guide

It is interesting that I am simply writing a whole article on how to unclip peloton shoes. But honestly, this has gone on for far too long, people always trying to understand how they can unclip peloton bike shoes. Do you know why? In as much as it seems trivial, there’s nothing much more stressful in spinning.

So, yes, let’s get the show on the road on everything you need to know about unclipping peloton shoes.

The Basics of Unclipping Peloton Shoes

First, you need to understand the shoes that are compatible with the peloton. Even though peloton is a bit liberal where accessories are concerned, it has its limits. This is to say that you may have the freedom to choose the shoe brand of your choice, but with Peloton pedals, you need specific shoe types.

This being said, ensure that your shoes are SPD-SL in cleat type, if not the legendary Look Delta.  They have three-hole cleats. These will clip in and out of the peloton pedals smoothly and easily, without a strain.

Nevertheless, regardless of your shoes being either in Look Delta or SPD-SL cleats (3-hole cleat design), you may still experience issues unclipping your shoes.

But why? I will answer you. The key to successful clipping out is the correct cleat installation.

How to Unclip Peloton Shoes?

Once your shoes are perfectly installed, the cleats will be tight. Thus, regardless of the float of the cleat (rotation level of cleats on pedals), there should be no movement between your shoes and the cleats.

Thus said, let’s dive into the steps of unclipping peloton shoes

Step 1: Slow Down the Peloton Bike: First, you have to slow the flywheel of your bike. You will do this by lessening the pedal speed, slower at each moment. The bike will eventually come to a halt.

However, if you need to stop mid-workout, you can use the emergency brake. Where is the brake located? It is actually the resistance knob. If you press it down and hold it, the bike will stop with immediate effect.

Step 2: Unclip Your Peloton Shoes: When the bike comes to a stop, kick your heel away from the pedal, and that’s how you unclip. As simple as only two simple yet comprehensive steps.

But What if the Shoes are Stuck in the Pedals?

This is a very good question, given that it keeps popping up. Actually, most users seeking to understand how to unclip Peloton shoes have been faced with this predicament at some point.

So, what do you do if you cannot unclip, despite kicking your heel off repeatedly? Relax. Don’t start hating peloton out of this, because there is a solution.

Step 1: Remove the Shoes and Get off the Bike: If you have been trying to unclip in vain, the next best thing you can do is to get off your shoes. your safety comes first, so ensure that you sit on the bike saddle, then slide off your shoes.

You can lift up one foot at a time so that you can easily loosen the Velcro straps or whichever closure system on your shoes. Get off the bike, with just your cycling socks on.

Step 2: Unscrew the Pedals: Once you are off the bike, you are a free man, or woman for that matter, right? Now get your Allen wrench and unscrew the pedals from the bottom.

At the bottom of each pedal, you will see bolts that are tight, which keep the pedals stable. Turn the right pedal bolt anticlockwise to loosen the pedal. For the left pedal, a clockwise twist will loosen the pedal bolts.

Step 3: Unclip the Shoes: In turn, the pedals will loosen their grip on the cleats and shoes. thus, you can easily twist the shoes off the pedals.

Step4: Tighten the Cleats: For your shoes to get stuck, you have to realize that the mistake was first at cleat installation.

You probably already spent a huge part of the hour trying to unclip in vain. I don’t think you would entertain a repeat of the same, right?

Therefore, tighten your shoe cleats immediately. If the process already displaced their positioning, redo the installation process. This time, ensure that you follow the process step by step, without a hurry.

Tighten the bolts of the cleats until you feel the resistance. This will not only ensure that the cleats are not stuck in the pedals, but it will also give you the confidence for more workouts.

A Simple Guide into Peloton Cleats Installation

  • First, the cleats should face forward, towards the toes. You see, 3 holes should be on your cleat plate at the bottom of your shoes, to match the peloton cleats.
  • Second, you have to place the cleats across the line of the ball, so that the tip of the cleats faces towards the toes. If you have no idea how to locate the ball of your feet, kindly follow our step-by-step guide on how to install peloton cleats on shoes.
  • Third, place the washers in the holes of the cleats, then the screws on top of the washers. Using an Allen wrench, basically a 3mm one, screw in the cleats onto the shoes.

It is important that you screw them all loosely at first, then give them a round of tightening. Tighten the screws until you feel the resistance, which assures you that you are good to go.

Bottom Line

How to unclip peloton shoes is as simple as simply kicking the heel off the bike. Then why the big deal? You need to install your cleats correctly to avoid the big deal.

Got it right? All the best for putting it to work.