How To Use Chatbots For Growing Your Business On Facebook

Over time Chatbots are becoming popular due to their dynamic contribution to the online business. There are not less than virtual assistance, which is always there to handle your customers even when you’re sleeping. As we know, Facebook has become a business hub for all companies looking to cater to online customers.

Facebook- Best Platform for Business

Every day 1.9 billion people visit Facebook, which the businesses can convert into active customers through the right business strategy. A recent survey shows that 53% of people would be more likely to communicate with businesses they could message directly through Facebook pages.

What’s the reason behind that?

Facebook has made it easier for customers to connect to the business directly anytime they want. Besides that, messaging a business through messenger is much more convenient than contacting via emails and calls. It enhances conversions with customers and promotes your business automatically. Some of the benefits of using Chatbots for your Facebook business are mentioned below.

Customer Service Improvement

By using messenger Chatbot, you can automate messaging, which would provide all the potential customers quick replies to any queries right the second they sent the message. Answering the customer’s queries with an instant response is a very crucial element of excellent customer service. Good customer handling also motivates the customer to purchase products impulsively from your business.

Build Brand Awareness

Messenger Chatbots can act as an excellent tool for spreading brand awareness. You can welcome new followers of your Facebook page with a message mentioning your products and services, which would increase your brand awareness among people.

Direct People towards your product page

Chatbots can direct people to visit the pages of your business offerings. All you need is a natural tone message because the customer doesn’t respond positively to the strong sales pitch messages.

Retain customers by sending automated broadcasts 

The best thing about Facebook Chatbots is that they ease your worry to check on the customers. Sometimes they can work as a proper CSR system. Yes, you heard it right. You can use Chatbots messages to retain your customers by keep drawing their attention towards your business.


Chatbots can send automated messages to all the subscribers once a week. You can use wishful messages, offer them the information they may find interesting such as daily blogs with a backlink to your website, or directly engage with them by asking questions.

Some Tips for Writing Messages for Chatbots

To make your Chatbots communication strategy successful, you need to be compelling enough for the customers. Have a look at some essential tips for drafting messages for Chatbots.

Follow the Casual Approach: 

People respond more positively to causal messages than formal ones, which is one reason for Chatbots’ effectiveness. You can go all the way casual and convey your message with a friendly tone loaded with fun emoji.

Add GIFs to your messages:

Everybody loves GIFs. The Chatbots let you add GIFs to the messages, a perfect way for giving your message a humanistic feel. Draft an interesting message and attach a relevant GIF with that. The customers are going to love it.

Don’t double text: 

One of the things that irritate people the most are double texts. Your Chatbots should not send double texts, which means multiple messages in a row without receiving the customer’s reply.

Provide them the freedom to leave:

It’s very important to give the customers a sense of freedom. Make sure there is an option of “Unsubscribe” at the end of your message. So, if any customer is not finding the Chatbots messages fun, they can stop it instead of blocking your business page.