How to Vacuum a Pool?

Having your own pool is no less than a dream for everyone but when it comes to its cleaning and maintenance most people get afraid. The dust, grass, fungi, leaves, and twigs are the reason for the ugly look of your pool. With an efficient pool vacuum system, you can enjoy a clear and spotless pool throughout the summer.

Several varieties of pool vacuum automated as well as manual both are available in the market including robotics, suction, and pressure vacuum technology. This article will discuss some quality pool vacuums to assist you in finding the most suitable vacuum system for an ideal look at your pool.

Automated pool vacuum

Automated pool vacuum involves the robotic vacuum and automatic water filtration of your pool. There are two types of robotic vacuum rechargeable and electrical. The electrical vacuum robots have long waterproof cables attached to their body In the robotic vacuum systems the handy robotic devices have been thrown into the pool and they can collect all the garbage in their cartridge.

You can empty these cartridges by yourself after they are full. They can move throughout the pool and can even climb the walls to clean the dirt away. The robotic vacuum lets their work done while you are sitting and enjoying in your room. Their only drawback is that these vacuums are relatively expensive.

Manual pool vacuum

The manual pool vacuum is the most common vacuum system we have seen everywhere. It has the vacuum hole attached at one side of the pole and you can move it throughout the swimming pool and walls to vacuum away the dust and trash. It uses the conventional suction procedure to wipe the filth away. It cannot efficiently clean the deep holes and corners of the pool. Though these vacuums are cost-effective, you have to work hard with this pool vacuum to maintain cleanliness.

Pressure pool cleaning vacuum

This pool cleaning tool is based on the venturi principle of creating the vacuum with the reduction in pressure of the water to remove the dust and other particles from your pool. It has a special cleaning ability to wipe out even those places that are hard to reach. It has a large debris bag to hold the relatively big stuff from the pool. The pressure cleaning pump is efficient, easy to use, and affordable. The only problem with this tool is its annoying noise and sometimes you have to add a booster pump with it.

Wall climbing suction vacuum cleaners

The machine is composed of a vacuum and power wheels to create the sufficient suction effect to sweep the floor and climb up the walls for scrubbing all the junk out. This vacuum is effective to give a new shine to your pool by reaching most of the tough places of your pool. Unfortunately, it is difficult for this vacuum to work over the above-ground pools because it cannot climb the wall through the right angle between the wall and the ground.

Suction pool cleaner vacuum

In the suction pump, the water from the pool has been sucked from the pool filtration hole to remove the hairs, bugs, leaves, and other trash away from the pool. The dust is drained with the water and you can collect it and clean it from the filter basket. Among all the other automatic pool cleaners it is one of its kind, most affordable, and efficient pool vacuum cleaners. The limitation of the suction cleaner is that they perform well only on flat and smooth surfaces. Another thing to keep in mind is that they only work well when your pump system is good.


The benefits and drawbacks of all the above-mentioned pool vacuums have been discussed briefly. Each vacuum has different attributes based on the type of the pools. Before buying any of the pool vacuum systems you must completely analyze your pool type and performance and then choose the appropriate vacuum system. Read more about the best handheld pool vacuums on