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How to Wash Mulberry Silk: Step-by-Step Guide & Maintenance

Mulberry silk is rated to be one of the highest-quality types of silk available.

The name of this natural fiber comes from the silkworm larvae, which consume only mulberry leaves as their food source. Aristocrats have always favored mulberry silk because of its exceptional sheen and smooth texture.

Mulberry silk is considered “The King” of the various types of silk due to its natural glow and elegant appearance. It is the heirloom that the “rich and famous” all over the world covet the most.

In contrast to other types of silk, the Mulberry variety has a natural origin, which results in a softer feel on the skin. Simply donning an article of clothing crafted from this incredibly fine fabric is sufficient to turn heads wherever you go.

Instructions On How To Wash Mulberry Silk Pillowcase | Dry Mulberry Silk

Mulberry silk is versatile.

Mulberry silk can be made into a dress that is either modern or more traditional, making it suitable for a variety of occasions. You can extend the lifespan of the things important to you by paying particular attention to the upkeep of the various kinds of silk you own.

The following are some recommendations on how to wash mulberry silk pillowcases.

Should I wash it in the machine, by hand, or have it dry cleaned?

The majority of people who are passionate about silk are perplexed by this question. It is strongly recommended that you have the garments dry-cleaned. However, many people are reluctant to trust others when it comes to silk heirlooms.

Many garments made of Mulberry silk have been passed down from generation to generation, and each one comes with a story to tell.

Therefore, take your high-quality mulberry silk pillowcase to a premium dry cleaner; they may charge you more, but the luxury of this fabric justifies the added cost.

Opt for a detergent that does not include bleach or enzymes in its ingredients

Do not use harsh cleaners containing bleach or enzymes for fabrics, whether you wash your clothes by hand or in a machine.

The rinse and spin cycle ought to be very mild. Bleach can damage the fluidity of the fibers, which is the most desirable quality of mulberry silk, and erode the natural sheen of the fibers. Because of its fluidity and its suppleness, it reigns supreme among the various types of silk.

You won’t need to spend a lot of money on expensive detergents. The task can also be accomplished with an effective children’s shampoo. In addition, you should spend less time washing your Mulberry silk.

These methods of washing mulberry silk pillowcases are quite easy to follow.

Turn it inside out and wash it

Because it is in constant contact with human skin and sweat, the inside of mulberry silk garments is typically the dirtier of the two. When you wash the fabric with the contaminated side facing out, the detergent has less effect on the clean side.

When it is washed, the exterior will sustain less damage as a result of this. The water and detergent do not affect the embroidery or other decorative styling, which keeps it in pristine condition.

Familiarize yourself with the appropriate settings for your washing machine

Each time the fabric is washed, it is ruined by the friction caused by the spinning of the washing machine.

A lot of washing machines have settings that are specifically designed for washing delicate fabrics. The rate of spinning slows down over time, but the fabric maintains the same fiber arrangement as when it was first created.

Make use of a bag made of mesh

While washing your Mulberry silk, could you place it in a mesh bag?

When spinning the threads in a machine, the intricate embroidery on many garments can cause the threads to become tangled. Worse, it may get stuck in machine parts. There is a plentiful supply of mesh bags on the market today.

The maximum temperature of the water should not be higher than 30 degrees Celsius

You should wash your Mulberry silk clothes, pillow covers, and other items in lukewarm water, just like you would with other delicate fabrics. There is to be no temperature increase of more than 30 degrees Celsius.

Higher temperatures can reduce the fibers’ strength, resulting in the fabric losing its resistance to wear and tear over time.

Make sure you use an effective fabric conditioner

Mulberry silk clothing can benefit greatly from applying fabric conditioners, as this helps the garments keep their shape and stitching. Conditioners for fabrics are different from cleaning agents. They do not have the same ability to clean as a detergent would.

After washing your clothes, treating them with a fabric conditioner will prevent the threads from becoming tangled and help them keep their luster for longer. Keeping the luster of your Mulberry silk clothing items intact is essential if you want them to last as long as possible.

Do not dry directly under sunlight

Drying directly under sunlight may fade off the color due to oxidation. Furthermore, the drying process can be sped up by using harsh detergents or detergents that contain bleaching agents. And, do not dry indoors.

It is recommended that you dry your mulberry silk fabric under shaded areas. This is because it dries faster than any other kind of fabric or silk. Drying silk does not need as much attention as drying other materials.

Dry the fabric from the inside out

For most materials, drying from the inside out helps save the color from fading fast. The inside part of the fabric absorbs wear and tear force, keeping the fabric in its original condition.

Storage Instructions | Store Silk Separately in an Antibacterial Covering

Store Mulberry silk garments separately.

It will prevent lint from piling up. Also, store it inside a protective covering. There are many antibacterial covers available in the market. You may use neem leaves as well. Please do not use paper covering in any case and indeed not printed form.


Silk is a delicate fabric. It would be to your advantage to exercise extreme caution while you are ironing. Utilize the appropriate temperature setting, and on top of that, apply a very thin layer of fabric for the best possible results.

As with other types of silk, Mulberry silk must be carefully maintained to keep its luster and fluidity intact; this is the most important aspect of upkeep. Knowing how to wash mulberry silk pillowcases will help extend the lifespan of the fabric and make it stay healthy for your skin.


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