How to win pokies at online casinos?

In pokies, you can’t just sit down and win significant money. It’s probably doable, but it’ll take Fortuna’s brilliant smile. If you want to win consistently (on a regular basis), you’ll need a plan to follow. Remember that pokies are a game of disappointment.

If the casino has a 5%, 3%, or even 2% advantage, it is not advantageous to the gambler. In other words, if you play for a long period, you will lose (month, year). On the other side, if you get a few huge victories, you can have a good plus in a short amount of time (a day, a week).

If you play frequently, however, you’ll require a unique strategy. Any nuance that gives at least some benefit should be used in the situation of negative mathematical expectation.

Online pokies game strategy

The main goal of the algorithm below is to save money while also having a good possibility of making a lot of money. The biggest issue with players is that they do not play in a systematic manner or adhere to any rules. You may, however, save a major portion of your bankroll and maybe earn money with it in the future with the help of a modest ” rule book.”

Ask yourself before playing pokies

What are your goals while you play? Consider the following question. This is one thing if you’re trying to make money, and it’s another if you’re just having fun. In the second situation, there is no need for a specific winning strategy. This is a typical circumstance if the player recognizes that he is paying for amusement. It’s similar to purchasing a zoo or other attraction ticket.

However, most of the time, the player wants to increase his capital as well as have fun. And it is at this point that the strategy resurfaces. In other words, first ask yourself, “Why do I play?” and then take the appropriate conclusions.

Know the balance you need

The first thing you need to know is what balance you need. A balance is an amount of money that is used for play. You don’t spend it to buy food, pay bills, or anything else. This is a fund that serves a single purpose: As a wallet for making deposits in the casino and receiving payments.

Of course, sometimes part of the money can be withdrawn from an account – but only if they exceed a certain amount. For example, the minimum balance size is 2,000 AUDs, and you now have 2,200 AUDs. In this case, 200 AUDs can be withdrawn without any problems. How to determine the value of the balance sheet? Everything depends on your tasks and what you will play. Most often, players play pokies.

In this case, everything depends on bets. If you place small bets, a balance in one value is needed. If the bets are large, you need a large balance. We recommend you to have a balance of not less than 1000 bets. And it is better to have 2,000+ bets.

So if you play for 1 AUD, you will save about 2,000-3,000 AUDs. This is the minimum. Ideally, the balance should be even higher (without restrictions). However, this is for a more serious game. Why so much? In pokies, you can very easily lose everything. You are convinced of this more than once. It seems to be a good pokie, but it only takes the money without giving winnings. But this is normal. And to withstand such a black streak of bad luck, your balance must be considerable.

For example, with a balance of 1,000 bets, you can easily lose 100 or even 200 times in a row! Nothing will happen to you. Such losses are perceived as temporary losses and nothing more. But the most important rule of balance management: play for the money you can afford to lose.

This means that gambling for the money you have to spend on food, an apartment, etc. is not only stupid but also very dangerous. This is supposed to be a balance that you can only afford to play. If the player of this balance loses, the player loses only the possibility to play in the casino. He can still pay his bills and support himself and his family. And as soon as available money appears, that again forms a balance.

How to choose online pokies?

Let’s take the case that you have decided on the value of the balance. Next, you need to choose the pokies. Here are the things you should know and consider when choosing pokies you want to play.


NetEnt pokies are recommended as a prime example of excellent, modern pokies. These are not only beautiful and interesting pokies, but in most cases, they are beneficial for the player:

  • High RTP 96-97%
  • High variance. There is a possibility to get a big profit (e.g. 500 bets) for one spin.
  • These pokies are available in almost all modern major online casinos
  • These three passages are already enough to make you choose the Swedish manufacturer. Choose the pokies with RTP not less than 96%.


Mostly Netent pokies have high variance. And that is good. To win, you need to risk. But you should be careful. On the other hand, it is not bad to play pokies with low variance. So you can also win a few hundred bets and that is quite normal. But in this case, don’t get your hopes up. Low variance means small winnings. The advantage is that this does not require a large balance. Only 600-700 bets. Many players still prefer the pokies with high variance. It is more interesting for playing and allows to win a large sum.

Always find out about the working principle of the slot machine. Namely, how is the bonus opened, what kind of scatters and wild symbols are and what do they give? The better you understand what is happening on the screen, the more profitable it is for you.

You play, for example, a new pokie for the first time. A regular player bet immediately, bet he always bets and familiarizes himself with the rules during the game. Beat to spin and arrange themselves on the way.

You first read the rules and see that there are different types of casino bonuses. The second thing is extremely important: read the game rules yourself. They open by clicking on the question mark. Every detail is described there in detail. For example, scatters can fail both in the bonus game and in the main game.

And there it is indicated. Also, all bonus features and, most importantly, the theoretical income (RTP) of the player are explained. Only in the rules, the return value can be considered 100% trustworthy, as this is the manufacturer’s data. On many websites they are inaccurate.

Average bet

So we have a balance and good pokies with high variance. How much to bet? And most of the time it is better to set a minimum. In modern pokies, there is no connection to max bet. That means that if you play at any bet, the pokie will behave the same. But. It is important to play on all pay lines. Only in this way it can be ensured that all scatters and bonuses are launched.

There are exceptions, but we do not recommend using them in practice. You can always reduce the number of coins for a pay line instead of changing the number of lines.

In general, it is better to place small bets. If you want to enjoy the game for 0.25 AUDs, place such bets and do not increase them. Thanks to the high variance, you can really win a lot even with a small bet, so this is not a problem. To increase the average spin, a significant increase in the bankroll is required.

  • Whether it is profitable to put a small bet?
  • What bets are better to bet in the casino?

Before each game, think about your effort:

  • How much money should you have in your account for one hour of continuous play?
  • How much money can I afford to lose?
  • How long can you play without getting a profit?
  • How often can come the bonus at the game?

And so on. These and other questions should be kept in mind before you start playing at the online casino. To calculate the exact effort (and even more profit) for one or two hours is almost impossible. Because anything can happen in those few hundred spins. And especially if the pokie has a high variance. But based on your previous experience, you should understand something about how much money you need.

Stop Loss

Stop Loss is the amount of effort at which you should stop the game. Everyone has different values to this. A good rule would be not to risk more than 10% of your bankroll in one game session. And better, not more than 5%. And even better – not more than 1%. The more conservative it is, the better it is. And this way you can play longer.

For example, you have a balance of 2,000 AUDs. For each gaming session, you take 200 AUDs and play for 0.5 $, therefore you have at least 400 bets.

Usually, it is enough to withstand all the differences in invariance, but once you decide to play in a really good pokie. But takes pokie this pokie too much money, for example, is the Dead or Alive pokie. And here you are in the negative at 100 AUDs, then at 150 AUDs and then at 200 AUDs. ALL!

It is the moment to end the game session! As soon as you reach your personal stop loss, stop the game immediately. This will save you a lot of money. No “a few more spins”, “I will spin it to a round number”, “is about to give”, etc. Pokie can not give anyone a win!

You can play another pokie or start again the next day. You can also set yourself a losing bar for the day and not for the session. The rules are the same here. If you have lost 100 AUDs from 1,000, it means that you need to finish the game.

Risk game

This is a function that should be ignored. If you want to save your balance, you should never use it. It can only be employed if the profit is minimal – say, 5 or 10 AUDs. It has no effect on your equilibrium. The fundamental issue is that these bonus rounds are almost always designed to boost the casino’s bankroll.

You will most likely have less than half of the winnings in them. We’re mostly talking about Microgaming slots here. You don’t have to take any more risks if the pokie performs well. You’re already taking a chance. Furthermore, in older Novomatic pokies, the risk game is not required. Because it is almost always a clone of the original game (emulator), the chances of winning are substantially lower (significantly).

Stop Win

Stop Win is the polar opposite of Stop Loss. You can give it any name you like, such as Stop Profit or something else. This function may be found in any modern NETENT pokie that is being played for fun. You can enter a precise figure, such as 100 AUDs, after which the game will be automatically ended. What is the purpose of this?

Then these pokies will never provide you any winnings. There are a lot of wins and a lot of defeats. And there will always be more of the latter. As a result, you’ll need to establish a limit after which the game will finish. For example, in your 3,000-AUD account, you have 300 AUDs and have played 1 AUD apiece.

What should the profit be in order for you to finish the game? Anything above 20-30% of the total is generally considered decent. It costs 60-90 Australian dollars in our situation. To put it another way, if you’ve boosted your active account by 20-30%, you’re halfway there. Yes, such payouts may appear modest, but consider them over a longer period of time – a month, a year. This will eventually lead to a solid income.

However, a lot relies on the player’s viewpoint. From a mathematical standpoint, 20-30% is already good, but the individual may disagree. It’s a personal choice. Someone has set a 50% or 100% objective for themselves. However, it is critical to remember that the larger the anticipated profit, the more difficult it will be to obtain it and the greater the risk of losing the entire account.

Reduction of bets at a loss

You can always play with the same bets. But it’s actually quite boring. And also not perfect in terms of bankroll management. Ideally, you need to reduce the bet with significant losses. In this way, you can save your balance much longer. For example, you have 1,000 AUDs in your balance, you play for 1 AUD at a time and you have already lost 90 AUDs. You are probably approaching your stop loss in this situation.

So why not double your bet and play for 0.5 AUDs? Forget about Martingale and other nonsense. Increasing the bet during long losses will eventually lead to even bigger losses. Bet 0.5 AUDs and see what happens next. If there are plums again, it means you can safely stop at the stop loss. If not, there is a possibility to restore the balance a little and return to the usual prices a little later.

Increase the bet when winning

Another method is to increase the current bet after a large win. We don’t advocate it, though it is mathematically justified in some instances. Use 10% of your balance (200 AUDs) to play for 1 AUD, for example. You’re in luck because the pokie gives you an x200 multiplier on your winnings (200 AUDs).

You’ve boosted your score by 100%, but your stop victory percentage is 50%. (100 AUDs). It turns out that you have a hundred AUDs to your name. In this case, you can take a chance and bet 2 or 3 AUDs on a specific value. From 400 AUDs, the value can go up to 350 AUDs. It doesn’t matter if you don’t make a profit. You have the financial means to take such a risk. And if it works, you’ll make a lot more money than usual.

Random number generator

To play pokies successfully, you also need to understand well the role of the random number generator. The most crucial thing to remember is that each spin is independent of the previous one. This means that all of the hypotheses concerning “hot pokies,” the fact that the machine doesn’t provide more after a big win, and so on, are at best dubious, but since the maximum is essentially incorrect, such theories are ruled out (and most likely).

The machine does not know if you won in the previous pokie or not; it simply receives a set of numbers from the RNG and displays them on the screen. So forget about all conceivable patterns (like in “if I click on Max Bet, the pokie will start a winning scheme, but if I merely click on Spin, nothing will happen”), all potential “tricks” with which you try to fool the computer. It’s not going to work. Unfortunately, that is impossible. All we can do is deal with the circumstances that have been placed on us and attempt to keep costs as low as possible.

A final thought about online pokies

So, let’s summarize. You need to have a big balance to play pokies. Preferably several thousand bets. You need to collect a small fund of pokies – about 10-12 bets, more it is unprofitable. They need to be thoroughly studied to understand how they work, what are their returns and diversions. What are their advantages and disadvantages?

Then you should know what amount is needed for each gaming session based on the active bet and the time of the game. Ideally, a player should not risk more than 5% of a balance in one session. You also need to be able to quit. And not only during the loss but also during the win.

Wins are probably even more dangerous because you can’t quit the game. Gamblers are unlikely to stop when the pokie “gives”. But without that, we can not talk about a working strategy. All this is just a framework in which you can acquire your own tasks, thoughts, observations, and rules. Simply do not risk all your money.