How to withdraw your won money: top 5 most popular methods

You also know how to build an account, add funds and get the fun started by playing any games if you’ve used online casinos or gaming platform. All that’s good and good, so what about winning big? You may want your winnings to withdraw, but how? What are the choices and those are the best ones to earn online winnings for you? Here, along with some of the main features and privileges, and the advantages and drawbacks of each are the best ways to raise or delete money online to help you decide.

Card payments:

In most cases, you can borrow cash from casino sites and make deposits by using a credit card or debit connected to your bank account. The most common payment card platforms are VISA and MasterCard. Finding an online gaming platform that accepts other credit card forms is rare. The other drawback is that it will take several days for the funds to turn up in your account by using a credit card as a withdrawal process. Another very popular method at Visa casino is a virtual card that is only used online.


After its introduction, this digital cash transfer service has become one of the most common retirement options for online casinos—with millions of users in many countries and amazing security. It is also quickly swapped by Skrill from one currency to another, so if you want to take money away from a casino site using a foreign currency, this service would make it simple. Another benefit to Skrill is that payments take place automatically and that the casino will put the money on your account until your withdrawal application is accepted, and you can do it however you wish.


Safety is key to Neteller, a website that not only manages money transfers but also lets you buy confidently at thousands of locations. Therefore if you wish to cash out after a win at an online casino, this is a strong withdrawal procedure which will also safeguard your identity and stop theft. There is plenty of versatility when using Neteller with connecting it to conventional payment card suppliers like VISA and MasterCard. And since the FCA scheme is controlled, without fear of something unfailing to your money or your personal details, you can put your faith in it.

Pay safe:

In reality, Paysafe is behind Neteller’s parent company, but also a distinctly marketed network, not only used by users but also a favourite of many commercial clients. Many who sign up for a Paysafecard cannot do this just to allow casino site transactions but can even pay for their accounts to hold the slot machine buckets and the poker chips in the virtual space. It is not even important to have access to an established bank account or payment card to create a Paysafe account which clearly gives the bank the advantage over other options.

Bank transfer:

You can prefer that, depending on the provider, whether you want to move funds from an online casino service directly to your bank account.

In order to get the ball rolling, you must opt for a bank transfer without registering with any of the subsidiaries listed up to now. However, a few downsides have to be taken into consideration.

  • The pause is first. You should expect to wait at least one or five working days between transfer requests for the money to finally reach your bank account.
  • Secondly, the question of protection. Perhaps you do not want to send a third-party platform your account and routing information.

Removals from online casinos are remarkably versatile and secure. Only make sure you know the ins and outs of each solution we cover and pick the best choice.