How to Write a Biography for Surrogacy Agency: Become a Parent Properly

Not a long time ago, surrogate mothership was beyond the law. Today, it is the best and the only practice (along with the orphanages) to get a baby for those who cannot do it. Though the process is not easy, experts from the World Center of Baby, a Ukraine-based surrogacy agency, will tell you how to create a comprehended biography profile.

Why Do I Need A Biography Profile?

This paper is literally your biography. Clinic experts use it to provide you with the best surrogacy solutions. It will make the whole gestational process easier both for you and doctors. Plus, a surrogate mother or egg donor reads a profile as well and decides to cooperate with you or not. The template of each biography is regulated by each clinic or agency individually. However, there are some common features and tips you should know about.

Biography Profile for Surrogacy Agency: Secrets of a Successful Paper

In general, each profile consists of three parts: information, introduction letter, and multimedia components.

Tip 1

Be absolutely honest. The surrogacy sphere is not a place for hiding unpleasant truths and lies. A surrogate mother risks her health, helping you, and she does not need the stress. Plus, in case your lies are revealed, you can lose all the chances for another try. 

The main information about your family should include every important piece of information. Give explanations of using surrogacy services: physical problems, gay marriage, lone-parent family, etc. Different agencies will help you in each case. For instance, in a World Center of Baby surrogacy agency, there is a special program for the LGBTQ+ community.

Provide information about your state and financial background. For instance, in some countries, being a surrogate mother is still restricted. Luckily, even such traditional states, as Ireland, for instance, remove all the limits for the sphere we are talking about.

Financial background is important as well. A person who will help you must estimate the cost for the service and the possible price for her help.

The second part, an introduction letter, is important for a donor. Here, you must write about your family, community, and everything else that’s important. Here, you must leave the bureaucratic style and be honest and sincere. A surrogate mother will be more than a friend for your family, and a good letter is a way to get acquainted.

Multimedia components (photos, presentations, videos) are a perfect way to distinguish yourself from other candidates. They allow people to remember you, highlight your profile, and fill the atmosphere with optimism.

Tip 2

Give more details. The more a surrogate knows about you, the more chances for approval you have.

Here are some more useful tips for you:

  • Get more tips and information. Visit a forum of people familiar with surrogacy. Ask as many questions as possible. For instance, Kiev surrogacy agency is always ready to consult you through the support system.

  • Choose the words carefully. Do not be rude, impolite, demanding, etc. These are not the features of any good cooperation.

The most important tip: relax and be yourself. Your problem is not the first one, and a good expert can find away from the most difficult situation. Yes, this path is complicated, but you are not alone to walk on it.