How to write a good resume: sample, structure, tips

Success in your job search mainly depends on the quality of your resume. Applicants often underestimate the importance of this document. What should be a good resume? What information should you provide first? How to write a resume?

A resume is the first thing to have when looking for a job. We can say that when applying for a job, the obligatory provision of a resume is one of the elements of modern rules of business etiquette, but at the same time, it is one of the most effective ways of advertising on the labor market.

A resume is a formal description of a job seeker’s professional skills that make him competitive in the labor market. A well-written resume should reflect the main qualities required from an employee: education, productivity, professional skills, and unlimited abilities for development in the professional field.

A resume style is more often aimed at obtaining a specific job, while a CV contains more detailed and structured information about a person’s career path.

For a job seeker, a resume is a perfect way to present himself in the most favorable light, and for an employer, it is a kind of method of screening out unsuitable candidates.

The main object of a resume is to draw attention, make a favorable impression, and encourage the potential employer to invite the applicant to a personal meeting. A well-written resume emphasizes all the positive points of applicants.

To write a good resume, you need to follow the principle of selectivity. All information and data details for a resume should be selected based on the purpose and should include a description of aspects of your labor experience that are significant for the position for which you are applying.

What are the basic requirements for a good resume?

  • The first unshakable rule is that a resume cannot exceed one, maximum of two A4 pages, and it is desirable that the key information is on the first page.
  • If the resume is more than one page, it is better to indicate that the continuation is on the next sheet, at the end of every page.
  • If it turned out to be one incomplete page, the information must be arranged so that the page is completely occupied by the text.
  • To write a correct resume, you must use one font, preferably Times New Roman or Arial. Many fonts in different sizes are unreadable on different devices.
  • A strict design style is an indispensable condition. When it comes to font size, the standard font size for a resume is 12, and all content must be the same size.
  • Each section of the resume should be separated from the previous one. It is better to use bold and/or underline headings.
  • Be sure to check the spelling.
  • The resume should be written in simple language.

Resume templates

A properly written resume is your assistant and your winning ticket in your search for a decent job. Use ready-made professionally designed resume templates to stand out from the crowd of applicants and elevate your opportunity to getting your dream job.