How to Write Facebook “Our Story” For Businesses

If you are a business in today’s digital age, you know how important Facebook is for your social media marketing. Social media marketing is one of the best ways to market your business online. However, here is the thing. On platforms like Facebook, your design matters a lot. How you form your copy and how you put a design alongside it matters a lot. Majority of the people will make the decision of making a business deal with you on the basis of the number of likes you have, the reviews you have and what not.

Facebook very recently launched the option for business pages to add “our story.” A lot of pages have been writing their stories but a lot of them have been writing them wrong. However, in this guide, we will walk you through everything.

What is Facebook our story and how to write it?

Facebook “our story” is a section on your Facebook business page that allows you to communicate your business’s background to your audience. You can add an image there and what not. You can also add a title. This is great because it distinguishes your business from other businesses and allows you to create an identity of your own. However, how do you do it? What is the right way of writing a Facebook our story?

Where to begin?

Well, the first thing to note is that you should write “our story” that is your origin story. People can do to the shop or services section to see what services or products you are offering. But this our story section is where people will come to learn about your company’s story. Make sure to add details from when you started and how you did what you did.

Personalize story

This is also your chance to personalize your story. You tagline may not communicate who your founders are why did they start a company like this. However, you can use this chance of our story section to make sure your audience knows where you are coming from and where your company aspires to be one day. This is great because this is like a sales copy for your business. You can interview your founders and team members before writing this story. If you think you can’t write the original content, you can use paraphrasing tool. Synonym changer or rephrase tool is used when you find a story that you can relate with your own business.

Facebook our story dimensions

Today, it is not just the copy that makes a difference. You also need to make sure that you add compelling graphics. You could use an image of your founders or you can find someone to create a collage of your company’s picture. Either way, it is a great choice. However, the thing to note is Facebook our story dimensions. There are two dimensions you have for Facebook. The first is your Facebook desktop version and the second is your Facebook mobile version. Majority of people use Facebook on mobile but there is a lot of audience on desktop as well.

What you want to do is to research on the dimensions of Facebook “our story.” Make sure that you communicate this to your graphics designer to create a friendly image.