How Will Mobile Phone Networks Change Next Year?

Looking at trends in technological innovation from the turn of the century, it is very apparent that most of them have been in the palms of our hands. It has been two decades of accelerated growth in the mobile, smartphone, and mobile networks sector. Although this growth has stalled a bit over the past few years, big changes are still expected in the near future.

As internet speeds reach breakneck levels, we are only left wondering where it stops.  These developments have allowed us, among other things, to have virtual entertainment at the tips of our fingers at all times. Whether it’s playing games online, watching movies or TV shows, or gambling, mobile internet has made it all possible.

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Trends in Current Technology 

In order to describe the changes that can take place shortly, we need to go over what is currently prevalent in the industry.

4G is available on more or less all platforms nowadays. Both Apple and Android have integrated their technologies with 4G to keep up with advancing technology. All the big network providers like T-Mobile and Vodafone have also made internet available along with calls at affordable rates. People can also use VPNs on their phones (which are in-built features nowadays) to access otherwise inaccessible websites or just to keep their online presence more secure.

Most innovations nowadays are in terms of speed or smoothness of connectivity. However, some hardware changes are also expected. SIM cards have gone from nano to micro in recent times, and it only makes sense that the need for such will slowly be eliminated from a hardware standpoint.

These are some of the changes we’ll take a look at in the following section.

Looking at the Future, What To Expect Next? 

Among all of the changes and advancements expected in the next year or so, two of them are by far the most significant.

  • The first one, and clearly the most anticipated one, is 5G. 5G has been in the works for a long time. Mobile phone manufacturers like Apple, Samsung, LG, Huawei, etc. have all started designing phones compatible with 5G technology. 5G does not only mean significantly faster internet speeds, but it also means greater connectivity in remote or otherwise isolated areas. Even in places like sports arenas or crowded halls, 5G will ensure much better and stronger connectivity than what is already out there.

Being the 5th generation of cellular technology, any system using 5G New Radio (5G NR) software is defined as 5G. Speeds for 5G are expected to be around the whopping 2 gigabytes per second mark. This means that you can watch or download even 4K movies within seconds! Till now, 23 different mobile phone manufacturers have confirmed forthcoming 5G compatible devices while some of them have already been released.

However, you should note that older devices with 3G or 4G support will not be compatible with 5G technology. You will have to invest in a new phone to obtain this.

  • The next most anticipated piece of mobile network technology is the electronic SIM card or eSIM. These will eliminate the need for the actual physical SIM cards you have to purchase and insert into your phones.

    This revolutionary innovation will make physical SIM cards, which have been around since the very inception of mobile phones, completely obsolete. There are many added advantages to this too. For example, switching mobile networks will be much easier as you will not have to go through the trouble of manually and physically applying to retain your number. You’ll be able to do it over the internet from the comfort of your home.

Additionally, if you want to put together a plan for a group of people like your friends or family, eSIMs make it much easier to complete this process as they can easily be connected to one account.

Final Thoughts

Since all of these are hardware improvements essentially, one thing you will notice is that they do entail higher costs. That is simply the nature of the market undergoing constant change and development where even recent technology is going out of fashion quickly.

The greatest gift technological advancements have given us the possibly better communication with people, regardless of physical distance or other barriers. 5G, eSIMs, and any other such modern inventions are simply additions to that purpose.