How Your Business Can Profit From the World Cup

With the World Cup in full swing, the whole globe is talking football. This means it might be time to reshuffle your business approach and try to utilize the hype to drive extra revenue and surpass the end-of-the-year goals for your company.

So how can your business profit from the world cup?

In this article we’ll give you some tips on using the World cup excitement to market your small (or not) business and get ahead of the game:

Kick Things Off with Special Deals

You don’t have to be a business genius to know that people love getting a good deal. And the amazing thing is that no matter what your business does you can find ways to score off of the big game.

For example, if you own a local chippy or pizzeria, you might add a takeaway bundle offer to your menu; if you work as a tattoo artist, do a promotional flash with designs inspired by different football teams.

The opportunities to run special football deals are endless and can be applied to almost any industry.

If you’re hesitant to do a massive discount because you’re afraid of running at a loss, think of it this way – the World Cup only lasts a few weeks and you have the possibility to earn lifetime customers that will keep coming back to you.

To ease your mind, try setting a goal for your business of how many new customers you want to acquire or the revenue you want to achieve, this way you have a clear direction of what you’re working towards.

Join the Action Instead of Watching from the Side Lines

The World Cup is all about team spirit and community, just think about it – people from all over the world come together to support their team and celebrate football. Many football fans crowd the local pubs to watch the big game and be part of the action.

So why not find ways to join them and promote your business at the same time?

If you own a restaurant, pub, coffee shop (or any other establishment with four walls and a big TV), why not encourage people to come down, watch the footie and perhaps buy a drink or two?

Alternatively, if your business is local you can go down to the pub and sneakily place some business cards around.

No one will give you a penalty for trying to get more customers.

Be on the Ball With Limited Edition Products

People love limited edition products with their favorite TV show characters or celebrity and the same goes for football.

Football fanatics will pay good money for FIFA-themed items, and that doesn’t necessarily mean you have to create and manufacture a brand-new item out of thin air. Simply, adjust what you already offer to be on theme with the big football craze.

Bakery owners can make limited edition cupcakes inspired by different football teams; restaurant owners can introduce a limited-time menu that features signature dishes from different countries; florists can put together beautiful bouquets in the colors of different flags…

The World Cup can be a total game-changer for your company!

Consult a Professional to Develop a Game Plan

Finally, if you’re concerned about your business strategy, it’s always best to get a coach. Speaking with a professional that can provide insights and advice on the best game plan for your business is always beneficial.

There are many business advisers who have experience in specific industries and would be able to help you put together a strategy to ensure you’re putting in your best team effort and making progress in the right direction toward your goal.