How Your First Love Affects Your Future Relationships

You will never forget your first love. The name, the song you were dancing to, smiles… You can now close your eyes and linger in those memories until the end of the working day. You are not alone in your experiences. Psychologists say that it’s completely normal to remember first love sometimes. The power of first love is so deep that science is already searching for reasons why it affects the formation of personality so much. But 8 main factors have already been identified.

  1.   First love reveals to us what genuine feelings are

And it is really beautiful and amazing! Even though everything is over, and it seems that only a broken heart remains, you first feel one of the most powerful emotions in the world. It is not surprising that you don’t want to release such memories. The only thing is that your memories remain the same, but people change. Accept it, and then it will be easier to let go of feelings. This is how life is arranged.

  1.   First love teaches us how it is when the other person is more important than yourself

The first and most effective cure for your ego is love. Those young girls looking for older men realize that to save a relationship, they will have to “step on the tail” of their greedy ego. For example, women go camping with their loved ones, although they hate mountains, or men turn off a computer to go to their girlfriends’ favorite cafe.

  1.   First love teaches us how to love our next partner even more

If you can’t get rid of the memories and regrets about your first love, then the cold mind will come to the rescue. Think of first love as an experiment. Sometimes it can work, and sometimes it’s quite the opposite. But you will get invaluable experience and already know what to expect from the following relationships. In an extreme case, it will be more difficult to surprise or shock you.

  1.   First love helps control feelings

First love is always very passionate: in our youth, we like to dramatize and experience a storm of emotions. For some, this is too much. Even if there really isn’t much drama, it seems to you that you experience too much. In this case, most likely, you will be able to avoid very strong emotions by carefully extinguishing the fire in the heart in the future. On the one hand, in this situation, you will definitely miss something in this life. On the other hand, caution hasn’t harmed anyone yet, even in such an unpredictable matter as love.

  1.   First love prepares for future relationships

Psychologists insist: we subconsciously compare new partners with the first, “magical” experience. If we meet someone who reminds us of first love, the heart begins to beat faster. And our brain longs to reproduce the experiences of the past again. This doesn’t mean that you will look for the astral twin of your first soulmate with the same smile and blue eyes all your life. But it is likely that subconsciously, at the sexual level, you can attract a person of the same type. Sex has exactly the same programming. It is the first long-term relationship that helps understand what you prefer in sex and form your personal “yes” and “no” in bed.

  1.   First love teaches you to overcome difficulties and solve problems

Love opens us a new world, a world where relationships should be worked on, a world where communication is not just an exchange of information but a path to the heart of a loved one. Not everything goes smoothly and simply because you have to learn to overcome difficulties, admit your mistakes, and forgive others. First love will pass, but acquired skills will remain forever.

  1.   First love makes you better

When you fall in love for the first time, you want to become even better. Perhaps you are the lucky ones who managed to stay together, or maybe you were left. Nevertheless, first love is a very valuable experience that helps believe in yourself that you must and can become better. After all, you have already changed. You have learned to take care of another person! Most likely, you have never experienced anything like this before.

  1.   First love helps you learn from mistakes

About 80% of people have a bad first love experience (to one degree or another, not necessarily completely sad). But this is a plus because personality is tempered precisely through trials and difficult situations. So, the first failure is the only possible springboard to love victories. Without the experience of unsuccessful love, you will not learn to value the relationships you have now. Besides, an already well-developed intuition escalates in women after the first serious relationships. All the symptoms of men’s cooled feelings, which emerged at the end of the relationship, are learned, and in the future, she will not “swallow” a single male excuse and will not close her eyes to the obvious facts.