Huge changes to more than 700 Coles stores: Here’s what you need to know

Huge changes to more than 700 Coles stores: Here’s what you need to know

Coles Express petrol stations are about to become a thing of the past across Australia as the supermarket giant sells its fuel and convenience stores for $300million. 

Viva Energy – a long-term partner of Coles which supplied fuel from its Geelong refinery – own and operate the current Express sites across the country. 

Under the sale agreement with the supermarket giant, Viva can continue to use the Coles Express name until 2026 but the company expects most stations to be excised of the retailer’s brand by around the end of 2025. 

The Coles Express stations  are set to trade under the ‘Reddy Express’ name. 

‘Consistency and familiarity are critical to reassure our customers that they will continue to receive the same great service, offers, loyalty and rewards as they enjoy today,’ Viva Energy convenience and mobility head Jevan Bouzo.

The Coles name, which is currently displayed in white on a red background, will be replaced with the name ‘Reddy’ in the same colors. Importantly, the Shell name will still be prominently displayed at the stations, and the fuel in the pumps will remain Shell-branded. 

Reddy Express customers will have the opportunity to earn Flybuys points and receive the 4 cents per liter Coles docket discount. Furthermore, Reddy stores will also stock Coles’ products for the convenience of our customers.