Human bone found in Byron Bay at Belongil Beach

Grisly find as human bone is found at a popular beach in Byron Bay: Police investigating to see if DNA matches with any missing persons

A human bone has been found near off a popular beach in Byron Bay, near a famous shipwreck site.

A dive instructor came across the shock discovery at the wreckage of SS Wollongbar near Belongil Beach in far northern NSW 10 days ago on May 6. 

The bone, believed to be a tibia or shin bone, was spotted protruding 10cm out of the sand.

Police divers were sent to the beach to carry out further investigations .

‘The bone has undergone initial forensic examination, which determined it was human,’ NSW Police statement read. 

Police are now investigating to see if the bone DNA matches with any missing persons listed, including a Columbian man who vanished while swimming at nearby Main Bach in March. 

The bone was a substantial size and hadn’t been in the water for long, according to police

‘From the initial forensic examination it does appear that bone has only been in the water for a short period of time, being either weeks or at most a couple of months,’ Chief Inspector Matt Kehoe told the ABC.

Investigations continue and a report will be prepared for the Coroner.