Hunt for daredevils who climbed onto the top of a crane in Surfers Paradise for social media likes

Daredevils climb to the top of a mega crane for social media likes before police launch search: ‘Stupidity at its finest’

  • Three daredevils scaled to top of high rise construction crane on the Gold Coast
  • One man filmed himself dangling from top of crane while unrestrained
  • Police launch investigation to track down men who face fines and possibly jail
  • Extensive footage of the dangerous stunt remained online on Tuesday morning 

A search is underway to track down three daredevils who risked their lives to scale a high rise crane.

The young daredevils filmed themselves dangling from dangerous heights on top of a crane off a Meriton high rise construction site in Surfers Paradise.

Footage of the death-defying stunt posted to social media and YouTube shows several men climbing the crane described as the tallest on the Gold Coast shortly before sunset while keeping a close watch for helicopters seen flying below them.

‘We’re about to lose light, we should really get up,’ one man can be heard telling his mates.

‘Pray for the best. Hopefully they won’t see us.’

When they reach the top, a man takes the the stunt to a new level by standing on top of the crane unrestrained.

He then hooks his leg into the crane and leans backwards while dangling off the edge for several minutes.

‘Been a dream of mine for minute (sic) now to do that,’ he’s heard in the video. 

It would have taken just seven seconds for the man to plunge to his death had the dangerous stunt gone horribly wrong.

The  Meriton Suites Surfers Paradise stands at 250 metres, or 31 storeys high.

Police want to speak to three hooligans who filmed themselves climbing and dangling from a high rise construction crane in Surfers Paradise

The daredevils went to desperate lengths to disguise their faces and voices in the footage, which was still online on Tuesday morning.

The men claimed in the video they were involved in a pursuit with security once they got back down on the ground, which resulted in one dislocating his shoulder and had to be taken to hospital.

They also alleged they later tried to scale the Gold Coast’s iconic Q1 building but failed. 

The men are in hot water with police, who issued a stern warning. 

‘People are conducting these activities for notoriety on social media but it just highlights the danger and absolute risk,’ Gold Coast Superintendent Rhys Wildman said. 

‘Just don’t do it! The notoriety is not worth putting your life at risk for.’

This man and his two mates face hefty fines and possible jail time if tracked down by police

This man and his two mates face hefty fines and possible jail time if tracked down by police

An police investigation into the incident has been launched.

The men in the video could face fines of up to $3000 or a year behind bars.

Locals were left shocked by the footage.

‘Very scary. I don’t know why you’d do it, but I guess people get their thrills in different ways,’ one resident told Seven News.

Another added: ‘Its quite silly to watch.’