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Husband ‘apologises’ for drunk wife after she crashes into the back of a police car

‘Sorry, my wife’s drunk’: What husband told police after his spouse, 31, smashed into the back of their car – leading to her 18-month road ban

  • Alexandra Jakubaska was driving home from a party with her husband in April
  • The 31-year-old from Evesham ploughed into the back of a police squad car
  • The court heard Jakubaska became nervous after seeing the police car ahead
  • As well as a driving ban she was fined £370 with a further £170 in costs  

Alexandra Jakubaska, 31, pictured, was almost twice the drink-drive limit when she crashed into the back of a police car in Evesham, Worcestershire on April 7

A drunk woman who was almost twice the legal limit was arrested when she crashed her Audi A4 into the back of a police car.

Alexandra Jakubaska, 31, got behind the wheel of her £30,000 car after agreeing to drive her husband home from a party.

After ploughing into the patrol car, her husband told officers: ‘Sorry, my wife’s drunk!’ 

Jakubaska, of Evesham, Worcestershire, admitted driving with excess alcohol and was handed an 18-month driving ban.

She was also fined £370 and ordered to pay costs of £135 when she appeared at Worcester Magistrates’ Court on Monday.

The court heard Jakubaska and her husband had been drinking at a party before she drove them home in the early hours of April 7 this year.

She was driving very close behind the police car before she slammed into the back of it in Cheltenham Road, Evesham.

Prosecutor Nicola Ritchie said: ‘Their attention was drawn to the vehicle because it was positioned to the far right of the lane and it was driving extremely close to the police vehicle.

‘Officers created a gap as they were concerned as to the proximity of the car and, as they did so, they saw the defendant in their rear view mirror accelerate towards their car and make contact with the rear of the police vehicle.

‘The passenger in the vehicle said ‘I’m sorry, my wife’s drunk’.

‘A roadside breath test was carried out and she was arrested and taken into custody.’

The lowest of the evidential samples was 61mcg of alcohol in 100ml of breath, close to twice the legal limit of 35mcg.

Elaine Atkinson, defending, said Jakubaska had no previous convictions before her arrest.

She said: ‘I think it’s the first time in my professional career that I have actually dealt with someone who comes before the courts having been involved in a collision with a police car.

‘When I say first, I mean the first with a member of the public who isn’t effectively a well-known criminal.

‘This lady was at a party with her husband. She thought her husband was driving.

‘In turned out that, in fact, he had consumed so much that he was not in a fit state at all and she thought she was okay.

‘She drove behind the police car and became very nervous and, as a result, when the police car slowed down she didn’t.

‘She bitterly regrets the fact she now has a record and you can see from her letter she is upset about it.

‘You may think that the situation with the police car aggravates matters. But she has not been charged with driving without due care and attention.’ 


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