Husband discovers his wife might be DRUGGING his food to help him lose weight

A man sought out advice from followers online after he confessed to thinking his wife was drugging his food to help him lose weight. 

The confession was shared on Reddit by user anonbecausewhynot1, who is believed to be in the UK, as he admitted to being overweight and attempting to lose the extra pounds with the help of different diets and exercise. 

‘I am fat,’ the man candidly wrote, Health first reported. ‘Always have been. My spouse has been mentioning it more and more in the last few years. Wants me to lose weight.’

Scary: A man on Reddit asked users for advice on if his wife was drugging his food with thyroid medication to help him lose weight (stock photo)

He continued: ‘To be fair, I have tried a lot. Tried keto, exercise, intermittent fasting, different diets, all kinds of things, but I haven’t made much progress.

‘About two weeks ago we got into a fight and she demanded that I do something about my weight, she insisted I do something drastic.’

His wife wanted to man to undergo surgery or see if his thyroid was the problem, but he refused. Instead, the couple finally agreed to have the man go on a vegan diet for three months to see if it helped his weight.  

Terrible symptoms started for the man, who is 6ft tall and weighs 245lbs, the first day on the diet. His wife, at the time, claimed that the vegan diet could be causing the symptoms. 

‘She mentioned that “going vegan has side-effects,”‘ he wrote. ‘She listed headaches, insomnia, diarrhea, joint and muscle pain, and potentially a fever.’ 

The symptoms the wife listed started instantly for the husband on the first day, which made him suspicious of what else could potentially be in the food.  

‘Now, I’m not a doctor. But, side effects of changing your diet should take weeks-months to show up, no? Well, the first day after eating vegan food, literally within five hours, I get almost all the symptoms she listed,’ he explained. 

‘I get a pounding headache, joint and muscle pain, diarrhea, and then by night time my temperature was high and I was sweating like a pig.’

His diet continued on until the husband one day found pills in the back of the spice rack labeled Euthyrox — used often to treat an enlarged thyroid gland or thyroid cancer.    

Exactly five tablets were missing from the bottle. 

‘Instantly, a light bulb flips in my head. I check the symptoms, it’s more or less exactly what I got and what she listed as side effects,’ the man wrote. ‘Furthermore, today is the 5th day of going vegan and there are exactly [five] tablets missing.’ 

Finding the pills encouraged the man to ask his wife about them, but she expressed no knowledge of the medication and thought they might be the neighbors’. The couple shared a communal kitchen. 

What is Euthyrox and why do people take the drug?  

The drug is used to treat an underactive thyroid by replacing or providing more thyroid hormone. 

Low thyroid levels, hypothyroidism, has been long associated with weight gain. 

Doctors will often check the thyroid glands when looking for causes of weight gain or an inability to lose weight. 

Having enough thyroid hormone in the body helps maintain a normal mental and physical activity level. Euthyrox works to help regulate this level. 

The medication is typically prescribed by doctors to be taken once daily on an empty stomach. The person then must wait 30 minutes to one hour before consuming breakfast. 

Possible side effects include increased sweating, diarrhea, sensitivity to heat, mood changes, tiredness, head aches and bone pains. 


‘My head is currently swirling with suspicion,’ he continued. ‘For example, everyday in the morning she insists on making me drink this disgusting green slop. I tried it on the first day and it was so terrible i wanted to gag. Everyday since she has been INSISTING that I drink it, despite my protests.’

The man then asked people to provide insight on what he should do and if he was overreacting by thinking his wife might be slipping him drugs. 

Comments immediately poured in expressing concern for the man given his symptoms. Many commenters explained how the medication should be regulated by the doctor, otherwise it could cause harmful side effects to the man’s body. 

Also, people expressed how it should be up to a doctor to decide if it’s a thyroid problem, not someone’s wife. 

The man later updated people on the post to admit comments made him ‘panic a bit’. He asked the neighbors about the pills, and they said they were not theirs. 

He then confronted his wife. 

‘She denied it, and then I got a bit heated,’ he confessed, saying he told her to leave the house unless the wife wanted to police to get involved. 

Now the couple is getting a divorce, and the wife also discovered the Reddit post ‘airing out their dirty laundry’. 

‘If you’re reading,’ the husband wrote on the post directed now directly at his wife, ‘If you had at least admitted it to me. At least respect me enough to tell the truth. Denying it the first time, okay. 

‘Denying it the second time? Come on. Do you really consider me that f**king stupid? I was 100% willing to work it out.’ 

It remains unclear if the couple will be able to work out their differences after what happened between them with the new diet.