Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT) for Athletes

HBOT is a process in which patients, within an enclosed chamber, breathe in pure oxygen (95%, 100% oxygen may cause ROS production and oxidative stress) at a higher pressure (2 ATA) than atmospheric pressure.

Doctors typically prescribe this therapy for several medical conditions including burns, brain abscesses, carbon monoxide poisoning, gas or air embolism, excessive blood loss (anemia), and many others.

The goal of HBOT is to flood the cells and tissues of the body with plenty of oxygen, allowing them to revive and heal naturally.

In terms of their use, there are two types of chambers used for HBOT.

  • Hard shell hyperbaric chambers: These are designed to withstand much higher oxygen pressure, and must be operated under the supervision of a clinician or physician.
  • Soft shell hyperbaric chambers: These are mild and safe to use in homes, spas, fitness centers, and other places without technical support.

Sports injuries

It is very common to get injured as an athlete.

It does not matter whether you are a high school soccer player, a champion, a linebacker or a professional quarterback, or even just a weekend enthusiast- injuries are part of the life of an athlete and it would not be an exaggeration to say that they forget how a normal life without injury is.

Sprains, cuts, concussions, muscle fatigue, tearing of the anterior cruciate ligament (ACL), swimmer’s shoulder, chronic elbow, shoulder, or knee pain are some of the most common complications in the everyday life of an athlete or sportsman.

HBOT for athletes- severe injuries

HBOT has emerged as one of the most promising therapies for improving the fitness of athletes and healing sports injuries. The bodies of athletes, particularly their muscles, are constantly under oxygen stress, and oxygen therapy helps their injuries to heal faster than ever before.

HBOT has been found to be promising for minor injuries including sprains, cuts, strains, contusions, and muscle fatigue. It also accelerates the recovery from cartilage damage, traumatic brain injury, deep wounds, and fractures.

Tough in severe cases, hard shell HBOT chambers are found to be more effective, but athletes can have mild therapies to get relaxed and get rid of muscle fatigue.

Bill Romanowski, a famous retired linebacker suffered from nearly 20 concussions during his 16 years career in NFL. He received therapeutic HBOT under the supervision of Dr. Scott Sherr; Head of Innovation and Protocol Development and HMS Medical Advisor.

The HBOT proved to be highly effective in his case in recovering concussions. Another famous player of the New York Jets, Joe Namath, got various head injuries and suffered from severe focusing issues, anxiousness, memory loss, and irritability.

He got his all symptoms subsided and intriguingly he chose to be a motivator for HBOT as a keynote speaker at the Long Island Head Injury Association’s Celebrity Sports Forum.

Minor sports injuries

HBOT dramatically reduces inflammation, increases the release and proliferation of stem cells, improves vascular blood flow, suppresses scar formation, and regenerates bone and cartilage.

HBOT in combination with stem cell injections, platelet-rich plasma, and other therapies can boost the healing of almost all kinds of sports injuries.

HBOT positively promotes angiogenesis, vascularization, and other phases of repair by providing plenty of oxygen to the affected areas. Conclusively, minor everyday injuries heal faster by getting HBOT.

HBOT for fitness

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy is not associated with just wound repair, it is a common therapy to stay fit for many athletes and sportsmen worldwide.

HBOT is a non-medical, non-invasive protocol that relieves stress, improves brain performance, energizes the body by oxygenation, reduces lactic acid deposition in the muscles, boosts stamina, and promotes healthy aging.

The advantages of HBOT allowing users to combat everyday issues may include:

  • Better cardiac function
  • Improved muscular system
  • Optimized microcirculation
  • Detoxification
  • Anti-inflammatory properties
  • Speedy recovery after sports or strenuous workout

Olympic swimmer Michael Phelps is world-famous for his strenuous workout. He used HBOT frequently to let his body recover from the stress of workouts. Another legend. Rafael Soriano; a baseball player, also chose HBOT to relax after playing.

Oxygen availability works magically as it overcomes the oxygen debt due to muscular activity or hard exercises that players perform. In a nutshell, HBOT is much more than what is expected.

Performance booster

It is a matter of fact that many athletes follow practices that can enhance the number of their red blood cells in order to supply their body tissues with the required oxygen.

HBOT can be an alternative for all those hard practices as it serves the same purpose of oxygenation of cells and tissues. Most of the time athletes who play at altitudes, keep a portable hyperbaric oxygen chamber as a stamina booster.

Improves focus

Just like any other sport, athletics is more of a brain game rather than a physical one. Our brain works best when plenty of oxygen is carried to the brain cells. HBOT helps athletes to minimize brain fog and enhance focus, resultantly better performance.

Oxyhelp hyperbaric oxygen chambers

Oxyhelp hyperbaric chambers are exclusively manufactured in Europe using premium quality products acquired from well-known companies, for instance, an oxygen concentrator from AirSep Corporation, in the USA, automatic pneumatic control from SMC in Japan, resin fiber mattress and pillow from Toyobo in Japan, and other elements from Spain and Germany.

The company aims at providing users with high-quality, easy-to-operate chambers that are safe for use at home.

These chambers are easy to use at home, in fitness centers, and in other non-medical settings due to their innovative design, which includes a digital control system, efficient ventilation, safety, and quality engineering.

For routine hyperbaric oxygen therapy, athletes may choose a soft shell hyperbaric oxygen chamber, but in sports injuries, a therapeutic hard shell chamber works the best.


HBOT is the best therapy to fulfill the oxygen demands of the body cells.

Runners, basketball players, soccer players, rock climbers, bicyclists, weightlifters, CrossFit athletes, and skiers can all get benefit from this therapy not only to improve their health but also performance.

When it comes to HBOT, Oxyhelp hyperbaric chambers are top of the list because of their quality and unique features.