I had three surgeries to add 7 inches to my height

I had three surgeries to add 7 inches to my height – I didn’t feel masculine before

A man who underwent three leg-lengthening surgeries to look taller, has admitted he didn’t feel ‘masculine’ enough before the procedures took place.

Leon, 21, from Germany, took to Tiktok to express his thoughts on the limb-lengthening procedure that saw him gain an incredible seven inches.

The unnamed man said it ‘sucked’ to be shorter and shared that his initial height of 5’8 affected his self confidence because ‘there are women who are taller.’

Surgery took place in Istanbul, and a clip outlining the story has racked up millions of views on TikTok.

In a clip posted to his TikTok account before the surgeries, he said: ‘For me, 1.70m is short, honestly it affects my self-confidence.

Leon, a 21-year-old man from Germany  took to Tiktok to share that he didn’t feel ‘masculine’ before his three leg-lengthening surgeries

‘I don’t feel masculine. There are women who are 1.75m or even taller. You always look up to people that are taller than 1.80m. It sucks and it brought me down a lot.

‘Nowadays a lot of people are over 1.80m, and generally this feeling of being short brings me down so I am grateful that this opportunity exists.

The fitness fanatic went on to say that the procedure had been a long time coming, as he had ‘very, very short’ lower legs and that in pictures, he looked like a ‘dwarf.’

He added: ‘In general, I try to avoid discos, bars and places where there were many people. For example, shoes.  Best example. I always look for shoes with the highest heels.’

‘I feel very bad with shoes that only have a 2cm heel. The most important thing for me as a man is to feel self-confident, free and content.

The fitness fanatic went from 5'8 to 6'3, gaining a whopping seven inches in height

The fitness fanatic went from 5’8 to 6’3, gaining a whopping seven inches in height

‘Me as 1.80cm, I can’t even imagine what that feels like. To say height doesn’t matter is a lie. You can say what you want but body height is very important.

‘When you have friends who are bigger than you, you think “why am I so small?” You look up all the time, it’s annoying and mentally stressful.’

Just before the video ends, dad Leon, who seemed to support his son’s decision, assures him by saying: ‘I’m very confident that Leon will achieve his goal.’ 

Leg-lengthening procedures are reportedly on the rise and have become popular among men, even though they can cost thousands of Pounds.

The surgery itself is no easy feat as it requires intentionally breaking the leg bone before fixing it to a special frame. 

The process begins with an operation called an osteotomy, in which an orthopedic surgeon cuts the bone so it can be lengthened. 

With the support of a frame, the leg is then stretched, allowing for new bone to form in between the two broken ends of bone.

It doesn’t happen overnight either, as the bones, skin, and nerves will need time to stretch out over time, until the leg is finally able to support its new weight.

On the other hand, with leg-shortening surgery, you can expect a doctor to remove a section of bone from the middle of your leg before inserting metal plates and screws or a rod to hold the bone in place while it heals.

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