I love my baby’s unusual name – but people say it sounds like a gigolo

I love my baby’s unusual name – but people say it sounds like it belongs to a gigolo or a dog

Some parents want child to stand out by picking an unusual names, but one mother’s choice backfired when she was mercilessly mocked for the moniker she picked. 

The anonymous mother-to-be was ecstatic to reveal the name she had picked for her child in a Facebook post about her baby shower, The Sun reported. 

In a bid to go for an uncommon name, she announced the unborn child would be named ‘Rowdy Johnson’ – perhaps as a tribute to an American outlaw country singer of the same name.  

The name’s unfortunate connotations – with ‘Johnson’ used as an euphemism for male genitalia –  seemed to have escaped her.    

People were horrified by the pick, with many saying it would be more suitable as a pet’s name or the stage persona of a male exotic dancer. 

An anonymous mother-to-be was ecstatic to reveal the name she had picked for her child at her baby shower in a Facebook post, but was mercilessly mocked for the inappropriate moniker 

People did not let the poor mother down gently when giving their opinions on her name choice. 

Reacting to the name, one Facebook user said: ‘Sounds like a stage name for a male stripper.. “annnnddd up next to the stage tonight is Rowdy JOHNSON”,’ one said. 

‘Rowdy Johnson? Sounds like a username on OnlyFans,’ another joked. 

One person said the name were more suited for an adult film star, saying: ‘When you just go ahead and give your baby a porn name so that they won’t have to think up their own later.’

One parent said that if they ever met a mother who’d have named their child ‘Rowdy,’ in real life, she would not hide her judgement. 

A fellow commenter said a relative’s dog is named Rowdy, while others agreed the moniker is better suited to a pet than a child.  

Meanwhile, in France, a couple have been banned from naming their newborn baby Hades, the same name as the ancient Greek god of the dead and king of the underworld.

Kristina Desgres and Rodrigo Velasquez from the French port city of Saint-Malo, Brittany, welcomed their son last September.

The parents say they innocently decided to give their child the same name as the Greek god of the underworld, the unseen one and commander of the realm of the dead.

And so Hades Velasquez Desgres was welcomed into the world, a name which they thought sounded ‘pretty’.

But after filing the required paperwork, the Saint-Malo public prosecutor told them that the name had been refused.

‘We chose this name simply because we thought it was pretty.

‘Hades Velasquez Desgres sounds good,’ Ms Desgres told local newspaper Le Pays Malouin.

She added that nobody made the connection between her baby’s name and the Greek god of the dead: ‘It didn’t shock anyone. On the contrary, people like it.’

Like many other Western countries, authorities in France can veto a name if it is not in the child’s interest and demand that parents change their baby’s name.

In Hades’ case, the public prosecutor decided that the negative connotation of the name as the god of the underworld who prevents the dead from leaving was inappropriate for a child.

The parents said they didn’t understand the decision as they haven’t given their son a name like Lucifer or Satan.

The couple hired a lawyer in their fight to keep their baby’s name and have already identified other parents who had named their child Hades – 12 in 2020 – whose name choice was accepted without a problem.

Ms Desgres and Mr Velasquez even contacted the parents of the other children named Hades to prove that their babies weren’t bullied about their unusual first name.

The court decision on the case is expected on April 4.

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