iCloud Mail is DOWN: Users struggle to access Apple services amid global outage

Apple’s iCloud Mail was down Tuesday in what is believed to be a global outage.

iCloud users started reporting outages just before 2:30 p.m. ET on Downdetector, with some people saying they’re receiving a 504 gateway timeout.

The outages also reportedly affected the iCloud website, Apple Pay, AppleCare on Device, and Apple Music.

Apple’s iCloud Mail was down Tuesday in what is believed to be a global outage

Apple has reported all outages have been resolved, with the exception of iCloud Mail and iCloud Web Apps. 

However, Apple noted on its System Status site that the iCloud Mail outage is ongoing, adding that ‘users may be unable to send, receive, or access mail.’

Apple also reported on its site the users may be unable to sign in to their iCloud Web Apps, although it has not said when the issues will be resolved.

Some users reported receiving an iCloud notification to accept new terms and conditions, but one person said on Apple’s iCloud community forum: ‘As soon as I clicked agree, all my iCloud-associated stuff stopped working.’

The newest outage comes just days after Apple Pay users reported they were having issues with the app on Friday.

Users expressed their annoyance on Downdetector, saying they were having trouble making fund transfers while others said they weren’t able to access Apple’s App Store.

Dailymail.com’s has reached out to Apple for additional information about the outage and when users can expect it to be resolved. 

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