Ideal World guest presenter reveals tips for youth

Shelagh Brayshaw lives in Ilkley, West Yorkshire, with her partner, John, and two stepchildren. She is a model and guest presenter on the Ideal World shopping channel.


I tried Botox for the first time when I turned 50. It did help lift my forehead and smooth the dreaded ‘number 11s’ between my brows. However, while certainly a confidence boost, it isn’t a magic cure — these days, I’m happier using a moisturiser!


As I’ve got older, I have found straight hair terribly ageing. It seems to harden my features, accentuating fine lines. I now find a bouncier, softer look much more flattering. It doesn’t have to be expensive. I’ve been using the same ten Remington Electric Rollers — that cost £18 — for the past 20 years and they still do the trick.

Ideal World guest presenter and model Shelagh Brayshaw (pictured), 55, notes exercise and nutrition as key attributes of her youthful appearance


The best way I’ve found to get back into exercise, has been with a Vibrapower Disc (£99.99, — a vibration plate, with 20 speed settings. You can do a variety of exercises such as sit-ups on it. The added vibrations are thought to help the body burn fat faster than a normal work-out. I use it for 10 minutes, three to four times a week and it’s helped put curves back in all the right places.


I get a lot of style inspiration from TV. Find your role model: someone of a similar size, height and age (be realistic!) whom you admire. Then channel their look into your wardrobe. I find Ruth Langsford’s bright, fitted cross-over dresses particularly flattering for my own curvy size 14, 5ft 10in build — I love the way she embraces colour.


In the run-up to my last big birthday, it was my mission: I will not be fat at 50! I was recommended Rick Hay’s book The Anti Ageing Food & Fitness Plan (£10.99, and managed to lose 1½ stone in four months. It helped me get off sugary, processed foods, with nutritious recipes, packed with anti-oxidants. 

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