IFX Brokers Review Based On Features And Services Provided

IFX broker is an online trading brokerage platform. The core values of the company include commitment, trust, and transparency as the foundation of the company. The company provides one-stop trading and investing for private and institutional traders.

In case you are looking to open an account with IFX, it is suggested to read the IFX brokers review mentioned in this article below. The company is regulated and registered by the financial sector conduct authority. There is no negative balance about this company and as it is regulated investments are very serious when you trade with this company.

Account types and opening procedure

When you open an account with IFX you get a chance to open accounts namely IFX standard, IFX Raw, and IFX Islamic. All these accounts have advanced trading platform features that take care of all the trading needs. Trading can also be done for currencies and commodities. Currency is namely mean the forex. While commodities include gold, silver, oil, or natural gas.

There is also a facility of a demo account in which the new traders can learn trading about their account and know the features of IFX. The demo account does not involve giving any kind of charges or money for trading it is just to learn how to trade in real-time.

The account may have interest rates or can be an interest fee based on the type of account. There can be some minimum deposit of amount at the beginning which also varies based on the type of account.

The procedure of opening an account is very easy. The account can be open online but the approval may take a few days to be processed. There is the verification of all the documents which is done through email. The documents include your ID proofs and residential proofs.

You need to provide some financial information and describe your trading background. The confirmation of citizenship can be done by uploading the national ID proof and you also can upload any kind of utility bills which can be accepted as residency proof.

Features of IFX brokers

To know the actual IFX brokers review, there is also a need to know the features of this platform, listed below:

  • Currency – The trading can be done in 4 base currencies that are GBP, USD, EUR, and ZAR. The currency will depend on the account type you choose to open. You may have to pay a conversion fee if you choose to switch the account currency.
  • Trading platform interface – The trading platform provides good functionality and order management. It has a multilingual interface that enables you to choose the language you want. You are also allowed to adjust the size of the tabs. There is also a comparative analysis and multiple charts provided which let you know about your account. It can be operated from Windows or Mac. On mobile phones, it can be used by the application of Android or iOS.
  • Commission and fees – The commission stands from 0.3 to 0.8 depending on the type of account you choose. Over 50 banks have the liquid is sources of the company. These swap rates are determined based on the rate of difference. It is a request that when you open an account you must review all the latest information in order to avoid any kind of issues.
  • Deposit and withdrawal – Needs to be a low minimum deposit of $100 while opening the account. Later the company offers payment options of any debit or credit card. The withdrawal can be made through a bank transfer which takes a time of 3 to 5 days.

The final verdict

As the IFX brokers review, they provide good bonuses and promotions. They have good customer service in which day is available for 5 days a week and solve all the issues of the customer. They can also be contacted via social media.

The day guarantees the client the lowest latency and gives them the fastest execution. It also hosts a lot of life’s trading services which are beneficial for trading across the globe. Which does several trading tools this is a very good assisting system which provides trading.