I’m a dating expert and here are three body language signs that someone may be attracted to you

A dating coach has revealed three fascinating body language signs that a person may display if they are attracted to you.   

Jacob Lucas is a UK-based coach who has used his real-life methods to ‘help millions of people get the love life they have always wanted’.

As well as working directly with clients he shares dating content on TikTok with his 750,000 followers. He is also the author of guidebook Her Dating Coach.

In a recent video, he showed three body language moves that people may display when they are attracted to someone else. The video, which was simply captioned ‘Do you see people doing these around you?’, showed the dating expert acting out the moves.

Meanwhile, text onscreen described the body language signs, and what they may indicate. 

Author, social media creator, and dating expert Jacob Lucas (pictured) has shared some body language signs that suggest a person may be interested in you 

The clip opens with text onscreen that reads: ‘3 body languages that people do when they find you attractive.’ 

Many body language experts point out that not everyone will always display the exact same behaviours to express the same feelings.

Some note that it is often changes from people’s normal body language behaviours that is significant, described as ‘deviation from [their] behavioural baseline’, rather than specific movements.

However, in Jacob’s video, he shares some of the signs that have been commonly associated with people finding others attractive, and that are worth looking out for.

The first is what he describes as ‘preening’. This, according to Jacob in the video, is making themselves attractive to you. 

Some of the behaviours he suggests could be included under the ‘preening’ label include neatening hair, and straightening clothes, for example.

Jacob’s second body language sign he points out is when someone lightly scratches themselves. This, according to the video, can be a subconscious behaviour people do when they find someone attractive. 

Tilting your head while engaging with someone can indicate that you are interested in them, according to the dating expert (pictured)

Tilting your head while engaging with someone can indicate that you are interested in them, according to the dating expert (pictured)

Jacob has previously spoken about his initial skepticism regarding this point, once saying: ‘When I first heard it, I thought, “that cannot be real”. 

‘Then I started seeing people do it all the time. That has changed the whole game for me.’.

He continued: ‘Grooming builds social bonds and that means a person wants to build social bonds with you because they find you attractive.’ 

Again, while this is a fascinating tip to look out for, it is key to remember that context is everything, and someone could be scratching themselves for another reason – for example, they may have a rash.

As Jacob points out in the comments section of the video: ‘You just need to know what to look out for.’

The third and final behaviour he outlines in the video is head tilting. This, according to the dating expert, ‘shows the other person we are interested in them’. 

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