I’m a flight attendant and here are the FOUR tips you should always follow when you travel

A flight attendant has revealed her four top tips to ensure your holiday kicks off without a hitch.

TikToker Caroline, from Fort Lauderdale in Florida, who goes by @xoblondevoyage, revealed to her followers exactly what to do when travelling – especially in the run-up to summer.

These include booking your flights early, the optimum time to get to the airport and why you should not panic when you see condensation on plane windows. 

Floridian air stewardess, Caroline warned that airports begin to get hectic as early as mid-June, advising customers to give themselves at least two hours between flights


Hopping from one plane and racing to the gate of your next can be a very stressful experience to say the least.

Because of this, the flight attendant reccomends you give yourself ample time to get from one flight to another.

She said: ‘If you are booking a connecting flight make sure to give yourself at least two hours in-between flights.’

Divulging how often third-party websites will only give travellers 30 minutes between flights, she explained that this is ‘not enough time’.

She added: ‘Even an hour these days is just not enough time. 

‘You dont want to be stressed and rushing from your flight and not make the next flight and then the one after is oversold.’

She urged her followers to at least give themselves two hours between one flight and the next. 


Perhaps unwelcome advice for those who enjoy an extra five minutes snuggled up in bed, but Caroline suggested flying earlier will make your journey easier.

She quipped: ‘I know you don’t want to wake up at three in the morning to catch a 5 am flight

‘But I promise you the earlier you flight is the smoother everything is going to go.’

Caroline explained that the earlier you go the more time you have to prepare if something goes awry – so regardless you can make sure you get to your destination.

The flight attendant also recommended customers book the earliest possible flight as it will make their travel a lot smoother

The flight attendant also recommended customers book the earliest possible flight as it will make their travel a lot smoother


Installing extra apps may seem like quite the hassle, however the Floridian assures viewers that it will make the travelling process easier.

She instructed: ‘Download the app of whatever airline you are flying.’

Elaborating on how useful these applications are, Caroline explained that not only does it mean you have your boarding pass to hand but you can even track your checked-in bags.

She added: ‘You can find out if there are any delays and get information on your connecting flight and which gate it is at. There is just so much information on them.’ 

Caroline added that you should download the app of whatever airline you are using.

She quipped: ‘It will help you out so much as you are travelling throughout the airport.’


In another clip, imparting her advice to less seasoned travellers, Caroline urged them not to become panicked by the smoke.

Whilst flying you may have not there is the tiniest bit of ‘smoke’ from the head-panel above.

However, she explained that this is perfectly normal to see when you are jetting in the skies.

‘I get asked this everytime it happens’ she penned, divulging: ‘This isn’t smoke it’s condensation it’s normal.’ 

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