I’m a nutritionist and you don’t have to ditch carbs in order to lose weight – as long as you try this cunning serving hack

They’ve built up a reputation as the food of the devil when it comes to dieting.

But now an expert has revealed it is possible to enjoy a snack or meal fuelled by carbohydrates – without feeling guilty about your weight.

Senior nutrionist Georgia Chilton, from London, told FEMAIL it’s not just about the foods which you eat – but how you eat.

The expert, who works for London-based meal delivery service Fresh Fitness Food, 
shared one simple hack which can help to aid weight management and, according to Georgia, ‘decrease cravings’.

She explained waiting for the food to cool down could actually help you feel fuller for longer, revealing: ‘When carbohydrates are consumed, they are broken down in the gut and absorbed as sugar, which raises blood glucose levels. 

Georgia Chilton, a senior nutritionist at London-based meal delivery service Fresh Fitness Food says allowing your meal to cool down before eating it can aid weight management (Stock image)

‘The rate at which this occurs will depend on the glycaemic index (GI) of the food and other factors such as cooking methods.

The glycaemic index is a measure of how quickly foods containing carbohydrates, such as breads, cereals and baked goods, raise glucose levels in the bloodstream. 

She continued: ‘If the food – for example potato or pasta – is left to cool down, a type of fibre called resistant starch increases in the food. 

‘The higher fibre content helps to slow the absorption of glucose into the bloodstream, which helps to keep you feeling fuller for longer, or at least until lunchtime rolls around and also promotes more stable blood sugar levels and a slower energy release’.

Opening up on the relationship between our body and carbohydrates, Georgia explained that our bodies perform at their best when blood sugar levels are kept constant.

‘It’s imperative that we understand the effect that different carbohydrates can have our bodies.

‘Stable blood sugar levels can aid weight management and decrease cravings caused by low energy’.


According to Georgia, Glycaemic index (GI) is the speed at which carbohydrates are broken down and absorbed in your blood. 

This index ranks foods depending on a scale of 0 to 100. The faster a carbohydrate is absorbed and makes blood sugar rise, the higher its GI value. 

Slow-release carbohydrate sources have a low score, while quick sugars have a high score.

Choosing lower GI carbohydrates can be helpful when you are looking to lose weight as it can help keep you fuller for longer

She said in order to stabilise your body’s blood sugar levels, look out for foods with a low glycaemic index like sweet potatoes, spaghetti, chickpeas and apples.

Carbohydrates are a major source of energy for the body as they are needed for the brain and other vital organs to function. 

Georgina adds that without carbohydrates, our body struggles to function properly and a total ban of the nutrient can leave you feeling run-down and fatigued – ‘a sure way to slow down your fat loss progress’. 

For optimum results, focus on a healthy diet alongside physical activity.

‘In addition, cooking methods can change the speed at which your blood sugar rises, which is where the concept of leaving carbs to cool down comes in’. 

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