I’m a psychologist and men don’t realise this common ‘habit’ is considered cheating

A psychologist has shared why a common habit most men have is ‘ruining’ their relationships – and the simple two-second fix.

Sadia Khan claimed that several of her clients struggle when the man ‘likes’ social media photos that other women post – leading to jealousy, insecurity, and a lack of trust from their partners. Thousands claim the act counts as ‘cheating’.

Many agree it is also disrespectful as the woman whose photo was ‘liked’ now knows the boyfriend has a ‘wandering eye’. 

The London relationship coach specialises in helping couples navigate interpersonal issues, and claimed the ‘harmless’ habit can lead to resentment and an eventual break up.

Ms Khan recently went on a podcast and spoke with a man who didn’t realise the consequences of his actions.

‘If you’re in a relationship and you’re liking other girls’ photos – I originally thought it was nothing but I underestimated how much damage that would be for [my girlfriend],’ he said.

Sadia Khan [pictured] claimed that several of her clients struggle when the man ‘likes’ social media photos that other women post – leading to jealousy and accusations of infidelity

He went on: ‘If she’s scrolling social media and she sees I’ve liked a photo of a girl who is half naked, of course she’s not going to like that.

‘If I see that she’s liked a photo of a topless guy – I’ll go crazy. If you are in a relationship if real life, you have to be on a relationship on social media as well.’

Ms Khan said, ‘It would cost you nothing to not tap and save your relationship – it’s not a big ask.’

She explained that men don’t like to feel like they’re being controlled and will claim their partners are just ‘insecure’ as a rebuttal.

‘But [having an issue with] women who post provocative pictures and men who like provocative pictures is not being insecure, it’s recognising that it’s an invitation for something you don’t want to invite into your relationship,’ the professional said.

Many women shared their opinion on the matter.

‘I think it’s so disrespectful when men do this,’ one said. 

‘It’s worse when it’s someone he knows personally. Other women know what it means,’ another wrote.

‘Many believe infidelity is only through physical contact but that is not true,’ a woman argued. ‘You can also be unfaithful in your heart. Everything starts there.’

But other men on Reddit disagreed.

‘The reality is Instagram is absolutely not real life, every single guy likes pictures of hot girls and it has nothing to do with loyalty or loving your girlfriend,’ man wrote.

‘Men can’t avoid other women for the rest of his life and if liking pictures makes you jealous, you should re-evaluate what the source of your insecurities are,’ another said.

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