I’m an Australian living in London… there are FOUR things I love about the UK

An Australian woman living in London has revealed all the things she loves about the UK.

Belle Perez who has lived in the capital just shy of two years says that despite it being expensive, there are reasons she can’t get enough of living here.

From the close proximity to European countries to ‘once in a lifetime’ opportunities, the TikToker shared all her favourite things about London. 

Belle Perez (pictured), who has been living in London for nearly two years, reveals the four things she loves about living in the UK

1.Being Close To Europe 

From Denmark, France and Austria, there are several locations dotted around Europe you could travel to from London in under two hours.

A stark contrast to Australia where it takes five hours to fly to New Zealand. 

For Belle, the proximity to the continent is ‘by far the best’ factor of living in the bustling city.

With several beautiful destinations and cultures at your fingertips, the content creator raved about London’s close locality to several ‘unmatched’ European countries.

She said: ‘It’s an obvious one but it is by far the best draw card for living in London because the holidays that you can go on are just unmatched.’

2. Getting Away From Home 

Although home is where the heart is for many, for Belle leaving everything she knew was an advantage.

She explained moving abroad encouraged her to try new things and create some wonderful memories while meeting new people from different backgrounds.

The Australian confessed London in particular is a very exciting place to be, as it is impossible to be bored. 

‘The people you meet the memories you make – [there is] so much fun so much to do it is a big city you are never bored unless you want to be.

She continued: ‘You get away from home for a few years try something new and see you what you like.’

3. ‘Once In A Lifetime’ Opportunities

Belle shared that as a creative individual there is ‘so much opportunity’ in the city to explore and experiment with new activities and hobbies.

Branding London life as a ‘once in a lifetime’ opportunity, Belle urged people to push themselves out of their comfort zone. 

She added: ‘Its like once in a lifetime you can’t do this at every stage of life. Do it while you are young and you can.’

4. The visa Process

According to Belle, the visa process to get into the UK was also a major advantage, quipping: ‘For Aussies, it’s just so easy to get.’

Typically Australian citizens can stay in the UK for up to six months without a visa if they are doing academic research, paid engagements or attending conferences or meeting, GOV.UK says.

But if they staying in the country without a visa they are not permitted to do any form of unpaid or paid work, participate in a work placement or internships or sell any products.

For Australians wanting to work in the UK, there are several different visa options available however a job offer and minimum is required for several of them.

Australians with one or more UK grandparents can live on the isles by applying for a UK Ancestry Visa.

This means they do not need a job offer or minimum salary to make the move across the globe, equally they can chose to settle in the country after five years and a successful citizenship application. 

Many flooded the comments with questions for the ex-pat, who had that time had been living in the city for a year.

Among her favourite things about the country is living so close to several 'unmatched' European countries

Among her favourite things about the country is living so close to several ‘unmatched’ European countries

Several viewers flocked to the comment section with more questions for the ex-pat about her London life

Several viewers flocked to the comment section with more questions for the ex-pat about her London life

‘What are your favourite pubs/drinking venues in London? I’m visiting with friends in a couple of days time,’ asked one curious viewer.

Another queried: ‘What visa are you on? Pity can’t do working holiday visa above 30.’

Others encouraged Belle to stay in the city for a few more years despite also citing several disadvantages to living in the UK in the clip.

One quipped: ‘Stay there a few more years….you keep earning more, you make more British friends and life gets better and better! London earning good £ is unmatched!’

‘i grew up here and i agree with everything u said lol,’ a user added.

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