Iman who attacked Boris saying ‘words have consequences’ on leaders’ debate

Iman who attacked Boris saying ‘words have consequences’ on leaders debate’ is girls school head who sent tweets blaming women for rape, praising Corbyn and attacking Jews as BBC is slammed and Nicky Campbell apologises for having him on

  • Imam Abdullah Patel is exposed as an anti-Semite after series of Twitter posts
  • The tweets also saw him blaming women for rape and praising Jeremy Corbyn  
  • In one he posted a map showing Israel superimposed on the US, saying it was the Solution for Israel-Palestine Conflict’ 

An Imam who probed the Tory leadership contenders about Islamophobia is today exposed as an anti-Semite who sent tweets praising Jeremy Corbyn and blaming women for rape.

A series of vile posts by Abdullah Patel were retweeted last night moments after the BBC debate, in which he asked whether the candidates vying to be the next PM believed ‘words have consequences.’

After the programme aired, Patel wrote on social media that he asked the question about the impact of Islamophobia because of ‘numerous reports of blatant racism against members of my community.’

Patel, the deputy head of a primary school in Gloucester, said he ‘wanted the candidates to admit that they’ve played a role in peddling this hate, and that things would change.’

But by today it appeared Patel had deleted his Twitter account after a number of controversial tweets were exposed.

After the posts emerged it sparked outrage on social media, and BBC Radio Five Live host apologised, calling his Twitter posts ‘extremely disturbing.’

A series of vile posts by Abdullah Patel were retweeted last night moments after the BBC debate

In one, he had posted a graphic that was one retweeted by Labour MP Naz Shah, that saw her suspended by the Labour party.

It showed Israel’s outline superimposed on to a map of the US under the headline: Solution for Israel-Palestine Conflict – Relocate Israel into United States.’

In another tweet he wrote: ‘Every politicial figure on Zionist’s payroll is scaring the world abouyt Corbyn. They don’t like him. He seems best suited to tackle them!’

Another post suggested he blamed women for rape, writing: ‘Lets make something clear: Generally, men are the predators, but women need to realise this and be smarter. 

‘It takes 2 to tango, and if you put yourself in that position, don’t expect every man to pass up the opportunity to take advantage of you. Don’t be alone with a man! ‘ 

Patel is listed as being the headteacher of the Al-Ashraf Primary School, and the Al Ashraf Secondary School for Girls in Gloucester 

Last night Patel described the responses to his questions as ‘disappointing’ and ‘deluded.’

Nicky Campbell tweeted today: I would like to apologise. 

‘We had the Imam from the BBC Tory leadership debate on our programme this morning. His social media comments have been extremely disturbing. 

‘We should have checked. We didn’t. I’m sorry.’