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Importance of Air Conditioner Maintenance

An air conditioner is an indispensable assistant, the effective work of which determines not only the comfort in the room but also our health. Together with the installation of the unit, the contractor company, as a rule, proposes to conclude a contract for the maintenance of the air conditioner and its diagnostics.

It is important to distinguish which basic options of air conditioning service maintenance are really useful, and which can be safely discarded.

Maintenance of air conditioners depends on the frequency:

  • Standard air conditioner maintenance is recommended to be done once a year, usually in the spring. First, the air conditioner is diagnosed, the performance of the elements and systems is checked. The freon pressure, the temperature difference at the inlet and outlet are checked. During maintenance, cleaning and/or replacement of the filters of the indoor unit is carried out.
  • Seasonal maintenance of air conditioners is carried out, as a rule, twice a year. Before the start of the season and at the end of the period of active use.
  • Extended maintenance is useful for units running without interruption. Inspection, diagnostics, and cleaning are carried out on schedule.

Service maintenance of air conditioners differs from warranty service in that it is carried out for preventive purposes, while warranty service for air conditioners is carried out after a unit breakdown and includes a call to the master, repair work, and replacement of defective parts.

How to properly clean your air conditioner?

Air filters accumulate dust over time, so cleaning the air conditioner should not be neglected. If you look under the cover of the indoor unit of a split system that has been in operation for several months, most likely you will see dust flakes on the radiator grille and on the fan. This not only reduces the efficiency of the air conditioner and increases energy consumption, but also leads to the fact that previously trapped dust particles and multiplied bacteria are again in the air.

However, just cleaning the filters is not enough. Stuck dirt in the drainage tray causes an unpleasant odor, therefore, the indoor unit of the device must be rinsed and disinfected regularly. In turn, the frequency of maintenance of air conditioners directly depends on the frequency of use and operating conditions of the unit.

In areas with dense poplar populations, it is recommended to carry out additional cleaning of outdoor units after the end of the summer fluff.

How much does it cost?

In each case, the cost is calculated separately, because the maintenance of the air conditioner consists of a set of works and includes three important procedures – cleaning, diagnostics, and prevention which include:

  • flushing the outdoor unit (using a steam generator or washing)
  • cleaning of devices and systems of the indoor unit with the obligatory removal of the protective cover
  • treatment with a disinfectant solution (if necessary, agreed-upon additionally)
  • checking the performance and serviceability of the electric motor, output blinds; tightness of the refrigerant circuit connections;
  • inspection of the drainage system
  • if necessary – refueling with freon
  • checking the operation of the device in all modes, setting up the control panel, and consulting the user on optimizing the settings for use

Maintenance of a home air conditioner and maintenance of complex split systems may differ in the set of mandatory diagnostic procedures.

How long does home aircon gas last?

If you take proper care and maintenance of the air-conditioning system, the lifespan can go up to 2 decades. Poor maintenance and negligence can reduce the lifespan of aircon gas to 5-10 years.

The aircon gas top-up price is dependent on the amount of gas that is needed to use. If you need to top up gas very frequently, you might need to check for air-conditioners gas leak.

Benefits of hiring professionals air conditioning maintenance

A responsible and conscientious contractor will fix all possible options in the air conditioning service agreement, which will help to avoid problems in the future. So, before you conclude a contract for the maintenance of air conditioners, you need to submit:

Most modern air conditioners require minimal maintenance. However, its systematic implementation is necessary to improve the efficiency and reliability of the air conditioner.

  • the cost of diagnostic, repair and commissioning works
  • the cost of the refrigerant (if diagnostics and refueling of the air conditioner is required)
  • the cost of high-rise work, if the outdoor unit of the air conditioner is located at a considerable height

Otherwise, it may come as a surprise for you to visit the master, which is not included in the cost of servicing air conditioners and is paid separately. Or unspecified additional costs, for example, for removing the protective cover. As a result, the master must draw up an act of performed work on the maintenance of the air conditioner or a diagnostic report – depending on the measures taken.

High-quality air conditioner maintenance is more than just flushing removable filters under running water. This manipulation can be done by every owner of the air conditioner, this is called self-service of the air conditioner. High-quality complex service of air conditioners increases their service life and increases the efficiency of work. The difference in equipment performance before and after cleaning and diagnostics can be significant and tangible even without special measurements.