Impressive budget earbuds rival samsung and apple

‘Outstanding value’: Thousands of shoppers are blown away by the performance of these £22 earbuds claiming they rival Samsung AND Apple

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When it comes to buying a pair of headphones, it’s well worth doing your research so you can give your commutes, runs and walks the soundtrack it deserves. 

It might be an under-the-radar brand, but the UGREEN HiTune Wireless Earbuds on Amazon has amassed over 5,500 perfect five-star reviews thanks to the ‘superb quality of sound’ at a bargain price. 

Amazon shoppers have struggled to find a fault in the £22.09 earbuds, with many agreeing on their ‘outstanding value’, even claiming it rival brands like Samsung and Apple for its exceptional performance. And the best news, they’re currently on sale for 15 per cent off. 

The UGREEN HiTune Wireless Earbuds have amassed over 5,500 five-star Amazon reviews and are now on sale for 15 per cent off 

The highly-rated UGREEN HiTune Wireless Earbuds have become a hugely popular buy on Amazon thanks to the fact it offers similar features and rivals the performance of top brands, but cost a fraction of the price. 

The in-ear wireless earbuds score highly where it matters – namely sound quality, battery life and value for money. 

With a nine-hour battery life from a single charge, Hifi audio with superbass mode and lightweight, ergonomic design, these are a seriously impressive budget pair of earbuds. 

If you’re heading back to the gym or looking for wireless earbuds to wear on your daily commute, then these could be a good choice if you’re not prepared to splash the cash.

While the budget-friendly earbuds might not be a premium label such as Apple, Bose or Samsung, over 5,000 Amazon shoppers have left the lesser-known earbuds five-star ratings, raving about the price, audio clarity and impressive battery life. 

Thanks to the 5.8mm driver speaker, the UGREEN HiTune Wireless Earbuds deliver dynamic range audio with balanced sound with high resolution and premium deep bass, bringing your music, podcast and calls to life.

You don’t have to worry about the headphones dying on you either as they offer a competitive nine hours playtime on a single charge, and a total of 27 hours playback with the portable charging case.

With one-step pairing and easy touch controls, these budget headphones are highly functional and deliver brilliant sound

With one-step pairing and easy touch controls, these budget headphones are highly functional and deliver brilliant sound 

The budget-friendly earbuds score so highly that many shoppers have made comparisons to much more expensive brands. One shopper even raved how they’re ‘better than the Samsung or apple versions at a fraction of the price’.

One user delighted in saying: ‘oh my goodness, for such a low priced set of wireless earphones, the quality on phone calls and music is fantastic. I was very shocked. Nice and basey, which I like, clear, crisp sounds.’

Another agreed, writing: ‘I once had Apple AirPods – average battery life, not particularly good sound quality and expensive. Moreover, after a year or so, they couldn’t hold decent charge, and I chucked them away as useless. 

‘For a measly £25, these sound WAY better; the noise cancelling is excellent and already an incredible bargain. I’d only say that they could do with a bit more bass, but otherwise, probably one of the best value items I have ever bought.’

A third penned: ‘These are comfy, the battery lasts a good long time, the sound is excellent (for the price – if you are paying six times as much I would expect the sound to be better, though I have not done any comparisons). 

‘Fine for listening to podcasts and music when out for a run/walk (they do not drop out of my ears on a 14 km run)’.