Improve your tech marketing plan of action with a free dynamic QR code generator

If you are a tech company, then your goal must share your idea with the world, and bring a change in people’s lives with your idea or product. Developing a marketing plan is essential for your business.

When you are developing a tech marketing plan of action, then QR codes can help you to reach your message to the digital space. You can create QR codes with the help of a free dynamic QR code generator.

If you want your product to reach a wide range of people, then QR codes can help you to do this through media-enriched print campaigns. QR codes allow you to experiment with technology marketing that speaks to your product’s creativity and inspires the people you’re attempting to reach with your concept.

In current times, the use of QR codes is everywhere. All brands make use of QR codes for various purposes, especially for marketing. With the help of QR codes, the marketers can track their marketing campaigns, and later they can modify their campaigns if desired results are not achieved.

In this competitive world, it is very important to stay one step ahead of your competitors. In all the traditional forms of marketing techniques, using QR codes for your marketing purposes can give you an edge over your competitors.

In this post, we will tell you why QR codes must be part of your technology marketing tool.

Reasons why you must use QR codes as your technology marketing tool

1. Leverage digital and print campaigns

When you use QR codes for your digital marketing strategy, then you get a lot of flexibility in your campaigns. The time you design your QR code for the marketing campaign, you get a customizable short URL. You can use this URL in your digital campaigns by displaying the same QR code.

You may use your short URL in social media postings or email marketing campaigns to allow consumers to view your information on their phones, tablets, and computers. Use the best free dynamic QR code generator to create a dynamic QR code.

2. Customization

QR codes can be customized in all ways. Whether it is size, color, or any other thing. You can use a color that compliments your brand. You can customize it in a way, it fits your technology marketing needs.

To make sure your QR codes are scannable, we advise you to use the minimum size guidelines of 2 x 2 cm for dynamic QR codes and 3 x 3 cm for static QR codes. There are also many different styles in which you can design your QR code. You can also use customized colors, frames, CTA’s, etc.

By having a customized QR code, you can attract more people to scan your QR code and fulfill your objective. And, you can easily customize the QR codes, thus having a QR code for your marketing strategy can be very beneficial for you.

3. Calculate ROI for print campaigns

ROI helps to evaluate the performance. It helps to know the profitability of an investment. Earlier, it was difficult to calculate Return on Investment (ROI) on the print campaigns, but with the introduction of ROI, it is easily possible.

You can know the time when your QR code was scanned, by which device it was scanned, and the location where it was scanned.

The brands can even integrate the QR code with Google Analytics and track everything. When your QR code was scanned, where your product was used. Thus, from all this data, you can easily calculate your ROI and decide whether to continue the campaign or not.

4. Make the transition from print to digital media

You may be dealing in technological products, but it is not possible that all people may be using digital products to see advertisements. QR Codes are the missing digital link between billboards, posters, direct mail, and your app or website, providing a smooth platform for customers to pivot from print marketing materials to your product.

You can use a good QR code generator, to create your QR code. It will help to make the transition from print to digital media easily.

5. Can be modified

The marketing strategies must be flexible so that they can be modified whenever the need arises. QR code provides such flexibility. The QR codes can be easily modified and can even quickly adapt to the changes.

When you want to launch your product, but need to update or modify some features, then what you will do? Here, QR codes can come to the rescue. You just have to use a dynamic QR code, which must be created with the best dynamic QR code generator.

By using dynamic QR codes, you can easily edit the content of your campaign, whenever you need it. You can do various things whether it is removing a link, editing a headline, adding or updating the CTA button, whatever it is. You can even change the type of the QR code with just a few clicks.


In conclusion, we would say that QR codes are the best tool for marketing. Thus, they can prove to be best for your tech marketing plan.

You can also easily modify the strategy if you need. Also, the tracking of marketing campaigns will become easy by the use of dynamic QR codes. So, we would advise you to use the QR code for your marketing plans.