Improving Your Fruit Frenzy Scores

Fruit Frenzy is the newest addition to Pocket7Games’ collection of casual phone games. In this adorable matching game, players make pairs as quickly as possible. Don’t be fooled by the cute colors and sweet little fruits— there’s a lot of strategy in the game, and some of the players are serious gamers! Improve your Fruit Frenzy skills for higher scores, more fun, and even real cash winnings.

In Fruit Frenzy, it’s easy to learn the rules, but after a few rounds, it becomes clear that certain moves will help you increase your score. To defeat your opponent, you’ll need to earn the highest score possible, so try some of these helpful tips to increase your score.

Earn Even More Points in Fruit Frenzy

Of course, every time a player makes a pair, they’ll earn some points. So every match you can make in time is good, but some pairs are even better and will lead to even higher scores.

  • Clearing points Whenever you make a match and clear a pair of fruits, you’ll earn 300 points.
  • Speed bonus You can earn up to an additional 100 points for moving quickly as you make the match.
  • Column bonus Earn an additional 300 points when your match clears a full column.
  • Row bonus Earn an additional 400 points when your match clears a full row. So rows are slightly more valuable than columns.
  • Full clear bonus When you clear the entire board, you’ll earn 1,000 points.
  • Time bonus When you clear the board, you’ll earn points equal to the amount of time remaining, multiplied by 100. As you can see, this is a pretty serious score increase.

Remember, you don’t have to get all of the bonuses available in order to win the game. You just have to score higher than your opponent does. So even if you make a mistake and miss a chance for a bonus, don’t give up!

Pay Attention to Power-Ups

Successful players will discover three power-ups as they play. These special abilities are the key to clearing more fruits and earning those top scores. The power-ups also have some adorable little icons.

First is the Fruit Bomb. This power-up will clear any pair of fruit, whether there’s a valid path between them or not. Smart players use the Fruit Bomb to open up the board or to clear a difficult pair. Oh, and the best part? The timer is paused while you make your choice.

Don’t be afraid to use these as they come. Successful Fruit Frenzy players use these before the three slots for special abilities are filled up, so there’s always room for new power-ups to arrive.

Next is the Fruit Filter. This power-up will stop one type of fruit from being called at the top of the screen. This way, once you’ve finished all the strawberries, for example, you can use the Fruit Filter to keep strawberries from being called again. This way, you won’t lose any time watching a finished fruit countdown.

Finally, the most powerful power-up is the Triple Bomb. This one lets players choose any three pairs of fruit to clear. Save this one for when there are just three pairs left on the board, to get that bonus for clearing the board, or use it to get as many last-minute points as you can when you see the timer is ticking down.

Overall Hints For Getting Top Scores

At the start of the game, players will have a few seconds to look at the board before the timer begins. Make smart use of this downtime to find matches that will help you score big. Keep your eyes open for matches that will clear a complete row or column.  When you’re lucky enough to have more than one available match, smart players choose the pair that will open up more access on the board. Look for these matches during your downtime, and you’ll be ready to earn tons of points.

You might find yourself running out of time and knowing you won’t be able to clear the entire board before the game’s time is up. Don’t give up yet! Remember, you only have to score higher than your opponent does, you don’t have to get the highest score possible. So don’t quit even if you aren’t able to get the board clearing bonus or the time bonus. Just focus on making matches that allow you to clear a whole row or column to increase your score, and you will still have a chance at defeating your opponent and winning the game.