In and around Innsbruck: things to do and more

Innsbruck the professed capital of the Alps is surrounded by mountains like a natural rampart, the city got its name from a bridge over the river inn at one end is the midlevel city Centre which reminiscent of the middle age, the city has architecture both modern and historic, dating back to the holy roman empire. The look of the buildings transports you to medieval times which makes it a beautiful place to explore. It is a perfect tourist destination all year round, with its captivating history and modern culture, its vibrant streets always full with tourists and locals hurrying around or just sightseeing in the old town, this city makes it to the top of the list for tourists looking for a nice mix of culture, nature and sports.


For winter sports enthusiasts this city is heaven on earth, with numerous ski areas at just a short distance from the city, if a person is short on time they can take a lift right from the city center which will take them up to the Nordkette mountain in about 15 minutes ,so you can hit the slope and trails in no time at all. The Olympic ski jumping facility in the heart of the city gives you a feel of what an Olympian goes through the adrenaline rush is a mind-boggling lifetime experience. Unlike any other souvenir shop, the spur art allows you to take home your own skis after a workshop which allows you to make your own customized ski. The unique combination of an alpine skiing holiday with a cultural city break is what makes Innsbruck stand out as a holiday destination.


The city hosts everything one could be looking for from museums to world-class restaurants and bars, the Altstadt or old town is picture-perfect with shops and streets right out of the middle ages, the cites icon the golden roof is located in the central square which has survived two world wars. This historical city is home to the tomb of Austria’s greatest emperor as well as the imperial palace.


The Swarovski crystal world is the world’s most well-known crystal company, you can take a tour of the store and be awestruck by the beauty of these crystals.


Classic cuisine hits the spot with its hearty yet simple recipes made from fresh ingredients available in the surrounding areas, the dairy cows from the region are considered to be one of the best in the world, the rich produce of the region is truly celebrated in the form of food, for lunch and dinner you can pick from hamade rustic to urban contemporary, some restaurants have been serving food as early as 1600 with stunning views from terraces overlooking the city an example of which is the popular café the café munding which has been serving pastries since 1830.


From castles, extensive gardens to ornamented decorated Spanish halls there is nothing that this city does not offer to suffice the curiosity of the tourists. The gothic church and the cathedral of St James is not something to miss with their ceiling and domes with exquisite artwork and detailing that leaves a person mesmerized.


The evening shows performed by the Gandalf family represent quintessential Austrian entertainment, which has been dazzling audiences for more than 50 years. With live music and dance performances and authentic yodeling.


The alpine zoo is one of the highest elevation zoos in Europe focusing mainly on indigenous species that live in the mountains, visitors can walk through the zoo and witness marvels such as the mighty brown bear, playful otters, howling wolfs and the majestic golden eagle.