Increase testosterone by raising it naturally

To raise and increase testosterone naturally through a few simple methods! Do the same as many other men and try the popular dietary supplement sarms capsules and Ostarine MK 2866 and only natural ingredients that can help bring out the best in every man. Daily regular intake has been shown to release more testosterone into the bloodstream.

Why do you want to raise or increase your testosterone naturally?

Testosterone is the male sex hormone that accounts for many of the aspects that you find in a man. Therefore, you should strive to achieve an optimal testosterone balance. Men gain an advantage in muscle mass compared to women and are mainly due to testosterone. To achieve the desired effects of strength training, testosterone plays an important role as it promotes protein synthesis in the muscles. The level of testosterone is individually determined and varies from day to day. Age is a determining factor for the level of testosterone, which will be highest at the age of 20 and will begin to decrease at about 30 years of age.

You cannot do anything about the age-specific curve of testosterone, but you can find your “testosterone potential” through other channels such as diet, exercise, and supplements. So there are in fact many factors that affect testosterone levels, here we go through 11 ways you can increase testosterone levels naturally!

  1. Exercise and increase testosterone with supplements/tablets

Hard strength training can increase testosterone levels by up to 38.4% in young men. It is generally recommended heavy strength sessions that allow large muscle groups (ie basic exercises) the exercises above that isolate small individual muscles maximum stimulation of testosterone secretion. Squats have a stronger anabolic effect than e.g. forearm curl. The acute effects of exercise on testosterone level items depend on 2 hours (2) and in part on the intensity and volume.

You can also increase the body’s chances by helping it produce its own testosterone with a natural testosterone supplement for men. Other tablets that can promote production can be read about here and you can get a full 50% discount when ordering purchase Ostarine!

  1. Weight loss may result in low testosterone or deficiency

Body fat can actually convert testosterone to estrogen! Excess weight reduces testicular production of testosterone and deficiency or low testosterone can increase belly fat. This vicious circle can be broken by losing weight. Whether you choose water as a thirst quencher rather than soft drinks and other sweet soft drinks will be well on its way! Reduce Liquid Calories You will experience a greater weight loss than if you reduce the corresponding foods. A good rule of thumb is to eat your calories, not drink them. This can also to some extent also help you who already have, for example, testosterone deficiency.

  1. Avoid low-fat diets

How much fat you eat can affect testosterone levels. 2 months of lean diet (which fat makes up 15% of the total energy intake) is sufficient to reduce testosterone by 12%. Both the amount and type of fat are significant and it seems that the saturated and monounsaturated are most beneficial for testosterone. Saturated fats can be found in, for example, coconut, meat, egg yolks, and dairy products. Avocados, nuts, and olives are examples of sources of monounsaturated fats!

  1. Less sugar intake

Sweet drinks can lead to high blood sugar which can cut the testosterone levels by 25%. The negative effects of sugar on testosterone last over two hours, and can actually drop your testosterone to a level defined as hypogonadal (clinically low testosterone).

  1. Eat red meat, dark chocolate, and oysters

Zinc is essential for the production of testosterone and it is no wonder that a low intake reduces testosterone levels. Now, zinc deficiency is not very common in Sweden, but with a monotonous and unhealthy diet, suboptimal intake cannot be ruled out. If you want to be on the safe side, raw oyster natures are the best source of zinc-containing 42 mg per 100 g. By comparison, a daily intake of 9 mg (men 18 years +) is recommended. If the thought of raw oysters does not tickle your taste buds, red meat, cocoa powder, sesame seeds, cashews, and wild rice samples from other good sources. We also recommend that you try a natural dietary supplement, you get a 50% discount on Maxulin which contains zinc, among other things.

  1. Vitamin D and other boosters

The concentration of vitamin D in the blood is positively correlated with testosterone. Increasing the level of vitamin D can increase testosterone levels. When the skin is exposed to sunlight, your body will produce vitamin D and is without a doubt the most effective way to increase vitamin D levels. In winter, fish and omega 3 are an excellent source of the “sunshine vitamin” with as much as 90μg per 100 g (recommended daily dose for adults is 10 micrograms). The easiest is probably to take cod liver in the form of oil. Otherwise, salmon and other fatty fish. Or how about a vacation in the sun to strengthen saved by vitamin D? Read also more about testosterone boosters here which contain vitamin D, among other things.

  1. Reduce stress

Whether you are a stressed person, this section is about increasing cortisol levels (stress hormones) and is relevant to everyone! Which is very unfortunate considering that cortisol inhibits the production of testosterone. It seems that the stress supplement may preferentially block the action of testosterone. Chronic stress can therefore have a negative effect on testosterone over time. Fortunately, there are more effective strategies to reduce this, such as meditation, yoga, the practice of mindfulness, and laughter to name a few.

  1. Sleep

When surfing on Facebook or on your mobile / tablet, you are exposed to “blue light” which shows the most effective in inhibiting melatonin, a hormone that regulates sleep ultra. The light from the screen can thus interfere with the internal clock and shorten night sleep. This is unfortunate because the concentration of testosterone in the blood begins to rise when you fall asleep and reaches a peak after about 3 hours of uninterrupted sleep. The elevated testosterone concentration remains stable over the rest of the sleep. In the awake state testosterone levels are highest in the morning and gradually decrease throughout the day.

As little as one week of shortened sleep (5 hours) testosterone levels decreased during the day by 10-15% in young healthy men. Adequate sleep will also help reduce stress.

  1. Body language

We communicate non-verbally through our body language. This is something that most people know, but did you know that your body language can affect your hormones? Consuming a body pose that signals power, dominance and confidence can actually boost testosterone levels by 20% while reducing the stress hormone cortisol!

  • Contact with women

15 minutes of conversation with an attractive woman can increase testosterone levels in heterosexual men. Recruit a friend as a training partner for a testosterone boost workout. Are you in a lack of education happy girlfriends? Do not despair, check the next point.

  • Rotary movies

4 minutes of erotic film can increase testosterone levels. Admittedly, if you want to browse video of this kind, it is not in line with the social norm regarding acceptable behavior. Fortunately, aggressive or action-inspired videos can also do the trick, just like regular action movies.

Conclusion on raising and increasing testosterone naturally

It hardly comes as a shock that exercise, healthier eating habits, less stress, enough sleep, and reducing obesity optimize the body’s testosterone production. The strategies outlined so far may require some lifestyle restructuring. But following the points above, you can actually do a lot when it comes to increasing testosterone!