Increasing Productivity with Automation 2023

Since the Covid-19 pandemic has swept the world, many companies and institutions have switched to remote work as an opportunity to continue developing economic activities.

But already in 2022, when we are almost back to normal, in many cases, remote work has remained a tool that helps us in many aspects.

It could be productivity, health, or family life balance. But this has resulted in many people being suddenly deprived of a proper work environment, which can have detrimental consequences.

With the help of home automation, we can improve our workspace.

On the Way of Workspace Improvement

It is very important to have a space suitable for work, but it is also important that it adapts to the needs of the person in various factors. We mean things like lighting, noise, furniture, for example, a computer desk with an adjustable desk frame, or the contents of the room itself.

When we have the right space, with the help of home automation, we can create different environments to make the time we spend at work more enjoyable, we feel more comfortable and, in general, have a much better workspace.

A Virtual Assistant or Control Center

This is the point where we will maintain all control of home automation in our workplaces.

Recently, virtual assistants such as Amazon Echo, Google Nest, and Apple Homepod have been very fashionable. With simple voice commands, we can control all devices and customize them to our liking, unless we decide to leave these tasks to some automatic process.

It is these processes that include applications that function as control centers, such as HomeKit. In them, we can manage everything from our computer, mobile phone, or tablet. This allows us to have centralized control in a simple way.

Improve Workplace Lighting

This is a very important step to improve our workspace. Although offices must meet certain lighting criteria in terms of artificial or natural, it is good to apply the same in our homes. To do this, we have many different options.

Wi-Fi-controlled lamps can create different environments with settings such as intensity or color. This helps us to establish a cold or warm environment, as well as the correct distribution of them, which ensures that shadows or reflections do not appear.

The ideal would be to have a sensor that applies the necessary changes to the light bulbs depending on the natural light. Which always prevails over the artificial. In this way, we will have a fine-tuning depending on the time of day we are in.

Change the way you work with smart, ergonomic desks

Would you like to get things done 60% faster to be successful in your business? To do this, you need to increase your physical capabilities by eliminating all distractions in the body such as fatigue and muscle tension.

You can remove the static load on the spine by setting the body in motion. In Europe and the USA, they found a way out – this is a periodic change in standing and sitting positions using an ergonomic workplace, the main element of which is a height-adjustable table.

Smart tables as a workplace are:

  • high productivity
  • healthy spine
  • slender posture

The most common problem of office and remote employees is the loss of tone by the end of the working day, which affects the performance of tasks. This is due to an improperly organized workplace.

A height-adjustable smart desk will help you succeed, as changing positions will help eliminate the imbalance of energy that builds up by staying in one position for a long time.

Each section of the spine requires movement by nature, and sedentary office work harms it, and this leading to a loss of its flexibility. Place a smart table with tabletop height settings, and you will no longer feel discomfort in the spine.

Have you noticed that in the movies, offices can have treadmills? Tables are not endowed with such an accessory, but they help burn calories while standing. 2 hours of work without a chair is enough to leave the body as many calories as after 30 minutes of jogging.

The design of smart desks is made according to the laws of ergonomics so that the smart table is comfortable and easy to use. They have built-in memory for 4 positions, and you can select a specific mode with a light keystroke. This saves time re-adjusting the height every time.

Improve Sound and Reduce Noise

When the noise is out of tune, or something related to this aspect doesn’t sound like it should, it can cause discomfort and, as a result, a decrease in performance.

That’s why it’s good to have devices with quality sound, and above all, suitable for the conditions of the place where we have our office. That they adapt well to our heads and ears is very important, but we can also look for them to integrate with virtual assistants.

Today we can find applications that perform photo and video analysis of each user. This creates a more correct configuration for the headphones and means that when making video calls or if we are working while listening to music, everything is in place.

Although we can also install virtual assistants as speakers, in some cases we can adapt their position in the room so that the sound is even.


Author’s bio: Hayley Mann is a technology enthusiast specializing in automation methods of ergonomics devices. Her engineering background helps her to create interesting articles on technical topics, making them understandable for all readers.