Indeed job ad offering $5 an hour sparks outrage on Reddit but some wonder if it is a test

Ad for a job in Melbourne offering to pay just $5 an hour sparks outrage from possible applicants – but many wonder if it may be a bizarre TEST

  • Part-time freelance copywriter role was recently advertised on Indeed website
  • Requires extensive experience and a degree, paying no more than $8 per hour
  • Re-posted on reddit, many felt paltry advertised salary was a deliberate move

A number of bemused applicants eyeing off a job were left wondering if a key aspect of the advertisement was actually a deliberate mistake.

Global recruitment company Indeed posted the part-time role for a freelance copywriter on behalf of Melbourne based firm Paragon Global Investments.

However, the specialised project-style business shouldn’t expect too many quality candidates given their paltry salary offer of between $5 and $8 per hour.

An upside was the ‘dream role’ could be done remotely. 

One reddit user re-posted the job with the accompanying question – is this even legal?

Reddit users were left wondering if a freelance copywriting role advertised on Indeed was deliberately offering a paltry salary as a clever marketing ploy (stock image)

To be considered for the role with Paragon Global, applicants need to have at least four years experience in marketing and copywriting as well as display proficiency with content management systems such as WordPress.

A portfolio of published articles is also mandatory as is a university degree in marketing, communications or journalism.

Many people responded on reddit that the salary offer must be a glaring error – and perhaps was a deliberate ploy.

‘$50-80 (per hour) would be about in the right ballpark for this role. Definitely a typo,’ one said. 

Another commented ‘I expect one of the interviews questions was, ‘did you spot the typo in our ad?’

The role (pictured) requires extensive experience and qualifications - but has been advertised as paying a salary between $5 and $8 per hour (pictured)

The role (pictured) requires extensive experience and qualifications – but has been advertised as paying a salary between $5 and $8 per hour (pictured)

A third agreed, stating ‘It’s not a typo. It’s a test. If you spot it, you get the job.’

Incredibly, as of November 16, the employment ‘opportunity’ still remains up for grabs on the Indeed website.

It was initially posted six days ago.

On their website, Paragon Global Investments state the company was established to bring new ideas to the market through ‘traditional angle investment as well as internal projects.’

Renowned ‘sales king’ and author Aaron Sansoni is listed as the company CEO.

Daily Mail Australia has reached out to Paragon Global Investments for comment.