Indoor Sports With Balls For Kids – Top 5 Recommended

We believe that encouraging kids to play sports is much more beneficial than letting them use their smartphones and TVs most of the time, as sports help improve the child’s physical strength and teach them teamwork.

Of all the sports, indoor sports with balls for kids have more benefits compared to others. Sports with balls are very popular, easy, and most importantly, fun to play. These types of sports also require good timing and coordination of both the mind and the body, which are great for the kid’s overall development.

Below are some interesting indoor sports with balls that you can teach and play with your kids.

1. Basketball

Basketball is one of the most popular sports that can be played both indoor and outdoor. And of course, mentioning basketball reminds us of this sport’s biggest benefit: enhancing children’s height growth.

Although it has been scientifically proven that genes mainly determine how tall a person is. Research has shown that sports with balls can improve growing kids’ height considerably as they need to do a lot of jumping and reaching up when they play this sport.

Not only that, the constant need to move swiftly and rigorously in a basketball match also helps build up your kids’ muscles and joints, especially their arms and calves. In other words, your kid will have a healthy and enduring body.

Lastly, basketball teaches and improves its players’ precision, accuracy, and patience. To shoot the ball into the hoop, one will need to have great aim, immense concentration, and a lot of patience because the ball may not fall into the hoop on every try.

2. Volleyball

Nowadays, kids tend to spend their free time surfing the Internet more than playing outside, so it’s no surprise that they are shy in public; some even have socializing problems. That’s why indoor sports with balls for kids that require much teamwork like volleyball have become popular over the last few years.

In basketball, you can make a score on your own. It’s another story in volleyball, though: players of the same team have to work together strategically to gain points. In other words, volleyball creates opportunities for kids to learn about teamwork and socializing – two important skills in everyday life.

Besides, playing volleyball also forms positive characteristics in kids, such as hard-working, good sportsmanship, and a sense of responsibility.

Apart from all those attractive benefits, this indoor sport with balls for kids doesn’t cost much. All your child needs is a volleyball, a net, and his teammates to play the sport with. There is no expensive equipment nor specialized outfit like in hockey, football, ice-skating, etc.

3. Bubbles

Unlike the two sports with balls above, bubbles are not an active sport. It’s quite a slow and relaxing sport, suitable for team bonding among family members and friends.

To play this indoor game, each player will need a medium-sized plate and a straw. Start with pouring a few drops of dish soap onto the plate, add some water, and gently mix them until they form a slightly foamy liquid. Then, place the straw inside the plate and blow gently. Your kids will enjoy the bubbles coming out of the straw.

You can let your kids entertain themselves with this game or turn it into a competition by seeing who blows the most bubbles. True to its name, Bubbles will make your kids bubbly and happier. And what’s better than seeing your kids’ bright and lovely smile?

4. Indoor Bowling Games for Kids

You don’t have to go to a bowling alley for your kids to play bowling. All you need is either a set of plastic pins/skittles or empty milk cartons, plastic bottles, cereal boxes, snack containers, etc., and softballs.

Turn your home’s hallway into an indoor bowling alley by setting up the pins/empty bottles in a triangle shape. Then, enjoy a game of aiming and bowling balls. Organize a match by letting your kids and their friends compete against each other; the one who knocks down the most pins will get a reward.

Parents can also infuse interesting lessons into this indoor sport with balls for kids. For example, label the pins in numbers, tell your kids to set them in a particular order, or teach your kids to set the pins in new shapes and patterns.

With indoor bowling games, kids will learn how to control their aim and arm strength, and find the perfect angle to knock down the most pins with their ball. It’s a fun and simple way to help them improve their agility and spatial thinking.

5. Ping pong

Like any other sports, ping pong (or table tennis) is a great way to improve your kids’ social and communication skills. Children of a young age easily make friends when they have similar interests.

Moreover, table tennis is a sport that requires a lot of hand-eye coordination and fast reflexes. Practicing this sport will definitely strengthen kids’ bodies as well as their agility.

Most of all, some studies have proven how much ping pong balls promote growing kids’ brains, showing through their improved motor, long-term memory, and strategic planning skills.

This indoor sport with balls for kids can either be considered a fun past-time or a profession. With that many benefits, why not enroll your child in a table tennis club now?

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Final words

Above was a list of our recommended indoor sports with balls for kids that you should let your kids try out. All in all, any kind of sport is great for your growing kids, both mentally and physically.

Just remember that each child is different in their own way, so take it easy and give them time and space so that your kid can find out the sport most suitable for them.