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Induction range VS Gas Range: Which one should you go for?

There is a saying that a way to a person’s heart is through the stomach. A satiating, flavorful meal surely lifts any spirits and to achieve this, one needs to have a good cooking range that can facilitate quick cooking. The dishes thus served will be wholesome, tasty, and satisfying.

There are primarily three types of cooking ranges – gas, electric and dual-fuel (gas and electric). However, it completely depends upon the users to ascertain which is best suited as per the needs. The electric range is an induction range in most cases.

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Nonetheless, there are simple electric ranges available too. Induction cook-top has magnetic coils beneath the ceramic surface and thus heat transmits instantly to the vessel. Any temperature control is immediate as the coils do not heat and require cooling to settle to the lower grade. Therefore, simmering is easy on induction.

The factors to consider are:

  • Cooking style preference
  • Availability and economy
  • The stock of utensils at hand
  • Time management


Every individual has a different style of cooking. Some prefer quick, stir-fried food for health reasons and thus opt for an appliance that gives uniform heat, like induction, that cooks all the ingredients in the pot at the same level. The temperature transmitted to the pot is quite high and that facilitates quick cooking. Thus, within no time your dish is ready. A person doing a lot of baking is more comfortable with electric oven over gas.

On a gas stove, one needs to constantly control the flame and monitor the cooking in order to prevent the food from burning. On a gas range, the entire vessel is heated and there are chances of evaporation losses of natural food moisture.

On an induction stove, the heat is distributed evenly at the bottom of the pan, leaving the top sides cool and thus it is easier to retain the juices with minimal losses while stir-frying.

For people who enjoy a full-flavoured meal, with all the natural juices and goodness intact, the best bet is gas range. Fried food preference again shows gas range better to control the oil temperature and alternate between hot to medium heat.


In case you wish to keep a gas range, make sure you have the facility of either piped gas connection or LPG cylinder. At least one source should be available to operate the gas range. On the other hand, every house has an electrical connection. Thus, having an electric or induction range is easy for all.

The choice of the range also depends upon the usage and the intensity of work in the kitchen. One has to remember that having an electric range is going to escalate the power bill, especially if it’s used extensively. Gas is far more affordable than steep power bills.

If you use it prudently, especially the LPG cylinder, then it can last you for a long time, at least over a month and more.

Another advantage of a gas range is that you need not go without cooking in case of a power failure. Piped gas gives the benefit of uninterrupted cooking.


It is a general tendency to purchase normal cookware that is suited for gas range or ordinary electric range. However, if the electric range is induction type, then the normal cookware becomes useless. This is simply because the induction cook-top requires induction-based or magnetic-based cookware to respond to the magnetic pulses.

Thus, specialized induction-based utensils or steel utensils are useful in induction range. An easy way to ascertain induction suitable cookware is to do a magnet test to see if the base is attracted and is magnetic. Remember, induction-based cookware is always costlier than ordinary cookware.

If you are considering a switch from one type of cooking range to another or planning to buy a new one for the first time, then these are the things you need to consider. This is because an ordinary gas range is not going to have that extra pinch on your pocket, but the induction range will need proper cookware purchase.

Here, one should note that all induction-based cookware’s are gas range compatible. However, the same does not hold true and vice versa.


If you are a person constantly on the go, then time is of prime importance to you and you need to save as much time as possible doing the household chores like cooking. Besides other household activities, cooking is the most time consuming one and needs proper management. No doubt, that gas range helps cook food faster, if you regulate the flame and add sufficient water. However, you need to monitor the cooking from time to time to prevent burning.

On an induction stove, you can control the temperature and set it to the lowest simmer. With sufficient moisture in the food, it cooks evenly. Food cooks faster on induction due to even heat distribution.


As discussed, many factors need consideration while purchasing a cooking range. Both types have their own advantages and disadvantages. However, it is advisable to study self needs and budget before making a final decision.

The gas range will help save money, as there is no need to buy special cookware. It is economical than an electric induction type. Nonetheless, if time is the factor on your mind, then the induction range is the better option.


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