Instagram tips & tricks – get followers, increase reach, build community

Community and followers: what does success on Instagram mean? All strategies and concepts in Instagram marketing aim to build a strong and vital community. In particular, the interaction, i.e. the frequency of comments and likes, plays a major role. Let’s look at a small best practice example for the topic of interaction. For instance, maybe you as a company want to expand the color selection of a new product. The question, what color would buyers prefer? Instagram will be a big help!

Success on Instagram = strong community

Your own social media community is a powerful tool for companies. Let’s just look at a few different aspects, market research and proximity to developments and trends. Anyone who manages to build a community of over 10,000 fans has quick access to opinions and developments, which of course can immediately flow into various other marketing instruments, but also into product development. A simple example would be a poll in Instagram Stories. With the question, which color would you prefer to have besides our standard anthracite? Within a few hours there can be hundreds, maybe even thousands, of answers.

But there is also an easier way, e.g. when marketing a new product. While visitors have to buy expensive advertisements through search engines like Google, their own community can be reached quickly on Instagram. This is exactly what success on Instagram is, an active and large community. Whether advertising, market research or public relations for your own brand, your goal must be to create such a community. Now let’s get from theory to practice, our Instagram tips!

Inspiration and beautiful photos: Your way to hack Instagram success

Big social media stars know it and say it in interviews, personality has to be put in the background, Instagram is about beautiful photos!

Texts should almost always be avoided; happy people and laughter are much better. But before you start your own photoshoots for Instagram, you should always get some inspiration! Instagram tip, look at similar profiles but also profiles of successful Instagram stars. Which picture style is successful? Which kind of photos get more likes and which ones get fewer likes? If photos have many comments, where does exceptional success come from? Above all, it’s about looking at successful photos and successful Instagram channels in order to get a feel for which image style and which imagery must be used on Instagram. This means that Instagram is not a medium for complex content such as economic issues or political issues.

Instagram is used by users in such a way that the app is called up, the new photos are viewed in the feed or stories are quickly clicked through one after the other. Each medium is only given a moment. Therefore, you should learn from it, constant presence and constant new publications are very important. This is followed by Instagram tips later.

Before starting Instagram, get inspiration from other Instagram channels

  • Photo with a clear subject and focus
  • Avoiding fonts and too many details
  • Photos have to be beautiful, not profound
  • Lifestyle, inspiration is in the foreground
  • Every day and backstage, take people with you to places they cannot see themselves

Inspired? Save photos on Instagram

Here is another tip. You can save the photos in an archive directly on Instagram. This function is very practical, because whenever you come across something interesting, you can save the photo directly. This is how you can show it to colleagues or employees. Even more practical, several folders can be created within the archive. So you can e.g. Save inspiration for shootings in the car area, studio, products or photos of the team.

Filter? No! Effects and harmony of the Instagram feed

Those who take their first photos on Instagram will of course stumble across the filters. Filters make photos more colorful and spectacular, but nobody wants to see that. It is best to refrain from using filters right at the beginning.

The harmony of your Instagram channel is very important because when users become aware of their Instagram channel, look at their Instagram feed, you will decide whether to follow them or not. If you have a harmonious overall look for your Instagram channel, you increase the possibility of turning it into followers with every single interaction with the fans. Therefore, it is worthwhile not to use filters right at the beginning of the construction.

There are also corrections to the filters. Filters cover the entire image and give it a completely new look. Corrections are only slight adjustments, light, warmth or even color saturation. In order to enhance photos directly in Instagram, only small corrections should be applied. A recommendation from our social media agency, hardly visible but a slight optimization:

  • Light correction + 8% brightness
  • Heat correction + 8%
  • Color saturation + 8%

The light correction generally makes the picture a little brighter, heat makes the whole picture friendlier, if you remove heat from the picture you make it colder. A practical effect for the winter. The color saturation makes the whole picture a little more colorful, the apple a little redder and the sky a little bluer. By only 8%, the changes are so minimal that they do not leave any image processing effect.