Installation of Artificial Grass on Soccer Field

A beautiful and lush green soccer field that attracts the attention of the spectators as well as the players. But a support person or his team does not have enough time to take care of the grass in their soccer field every day.

However, by artificial grass installing, you will be free from maintenance of soccer field. Therefore, in today’s article we are going to explain to you clearly how to install soccer field turf artificially. Once you install artificial grass, you are free from the worry of caring for it.  So whether it’s cold or hot sunshine, you don’t need to water or trim the artificial grass.

Follow these three easy steps to install artificial grass on the ground or soccer field.

Step-1: Prepare the Ground:

When you are installing artificial grass on a soccer field, you must first prepare the ground. Accordingly, follow these steps:

  • First remove any weeds or herbs that already exist on the field. To do this, dig the field to a depth of 21 cm with the help of a shovel and remove all the old grass and herbs from the ground.
  • The soil in your soccer field can fall under the artificial turf, which can cause the ground level to deteriorate. To avoid this, you should apply a layer of geo-textile membrane to the soil. Then a base of 8 cm should be made for drainage.
  • In order to install artificial grass properly, it is very important that all the ground surface is uniform. Because if your ground level is up and down, it will be very difficult for you to install artificial grass on it. Therefore, to level the ground, put 2 to 3 cm of sand on it and level it with the help of a plank.

Step-2: Install the Artificial Grass:

After setting the ground base properly, the second step is to install artificial grass. For this, first of all you should buy grass from the best artificial grass manufacturer  company. Then this grass should be installed on the ground. When installing grass, keep in mind that the direction of the turf blades must be right and the blades must be properly connected. Also, for the natural look of artificial turf, keep the direction of all blades the same. Leave the grass for at least 5 to 6 hours after installing.  In this way the level of grass will remain the same.

Step-3: Fix the Turf and Join Edges:

The last step is to join all the edges of the grass together. And if the edges of the grass are overlapping with each other, level them all with the help of a crafts knife. This way your beautiful artificial turf soccer field will be ready to play.