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Insurers unfairly rejecting claims for cancelled weddings

‘We fought for £9.5k refund’: Insurers are unfairly rejecting claims for cancelled weddings

Fighting back: Teachers Lidia Szmid, 30, and partner Adam Burton, 32

Insurers are unfairly rejecting claims for cancelled weddings. 

But one couple refused to give up and have won a £9,500 refund. 

Some wedding venues are reluctant to refund couples who were unable to get married because of coronavirus outbreak or are charging hefty fees to rebook. 

Those who took out wedding insurance before firms pulled their policies in March should be able to claim back extra costs but some insurers are managing to wriggle out of paying. 

Last week Which? reported one insurer to the financial regulator for failing to disclose ambiguous clauses that meant claims would be rejected if related to ‘government regulations or acts’ or ‘prohibitive regulations’. 

The consumer group said it had heard from seven couples who have had their claims unfairly turned down by UK General Insurance, which underwrites policies for Debenhams and Dreamsavers and trades as WeddingPlan. 

Teachers Lidia Szmid, 30, and partner Adam Burton, 32, went to battle with UK General Insurance after their wedding venue in Chichester had to close in April. 

Their insurer rejected their £9,500 claim because the venue was closed as a result of a ‘government act’. Ms Szmid refused to accept the firm’s decision. 

After submitting a Subject Access Request they were sent redacted copies of internal emails referring to their claim. In them staff admitted their messaging to customers was ‘contradictory to say the least’ which would ‘undoubtedly’ lead to complaints to the Financial Ombudsman. 

UK General, backed by insurer Great Lakes, said it regretted the lack of clarity and it has now reviewed coverage in respect of claims for wedding cancellations 


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